Thursday, 4 July 2013


Why is a 15 year old singing a song called Lighters and telling people to put their lighters in the air?? She can't even buy a lighter, she's 15!!! Why is she complaining about losing the love of her life?? They can't have been seriously together for more than a year, maybe I'm just jealous because I didn't have a record deal at 15

Why am I so bored? I'm that bored that I just want to go to bed but then that just means that another day of work comes around quicker and I do not want that

Why are the girls in Robin Thicke's video so damn attractive? And why are they flaunting how much skinnier than me in my face by wearing bloody clear plastic shorts? What's the point of wearing them? They can't be comfortable and just encourage girl's who shouldn't have that much flesh on show to squeeze into short shorts that are smaller than my knickers

Why is Mr Nobody not talking to me? Am I not attractive anymore and why am I even worried about this? Of course he only talks to me when it suits him, it's always been that way so why would it be any different? Maybe its because I'm talking about him on my blog and he's found out and now he thinks I'm a creepy stalker!! Why am I such an overthinker??

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