Monday, 29 July 2013

Shit Girls Say..

So I found this video on Hither & Thither's blog (which I love, her little boy Hudson is super cute and her trips with Hudson and her husband increase my wanderlust no end) and it really got me thinking (and giggling).

What things do I say all the time that literally are like "Whaaaattt?!?!!"

Thick as Toffee (in a really Suffolk accent) - It's because I'm trying not to swear so much at work so instead of saying the well known term thick as s*#t I politely say toffee but it doesn't make sense and  I know it!!

No Wozza Brozza - This actually means "No worries brother" and why would any normal person even say that in real life but if anyone says thanks to me for doing something then this is my general reply

Alright Treacle (in a really London accent) - I must think that I belong in Eastenders because who even says this?? My friend will literally refuse to speak to me if I say this to him but he calls me lad so the feeling is pretty mutual

What the Foie?!? or Shut the Front Door - Stolen from my two favourite food men on tv, Adam Richman and Guy Fieri, I am cool enough to through these into everyday conversation

At the moment I seriously can't think of anymore but as you can tell I'm annoying as hell!!! Love me?!!? Let me know some things that you can't stop saying even though you know they make you sound about 90 IQ points dumber than you actually are

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  1. Alright Treacle haha, I say that all the time, and in a proper London accent.. what are our lives :')