Thursday, 25 July 2013

Road Rage-aholic

I am in no ways a great driver and I don't think anyone I know is under any illusions that I am! My boss loves to remind of the time I got lost on the way to Colchester Football Stadium (a couple of months ago) or the time I came to work with my reverse light hanging out because I reversed into a flagpole at my own house or the time that I told him in my job interview that the reason I don't drive is because I'm scared because on my second lesson I nearly crashed into a double decker bus. No I have no idea why they employed me either!

So the dent in the bonnet to the left that totally wasn't me, I brought it like that I promise! But that massive bit of black gaffer tape, well that hides a massive hole in my bumper that definitely was me! I crashed in the snow in December last year - I was going about 30mph in one direction on my way to work and ended up going 0mph in hedge facing the other way on the other side of the road. Literally one of the scariest moments of my life but I didn't cry until my dad came to rescue me and I still drove to work later on!!

So this proves I am not the best driver but I am pretty sure over the last couple of days, every other road user has been out to get me and in my very non dramatic way I have sworn at every single one of them. Tractors taking up the whole road going like 15mph, cyclists chatting next to each other so I can't go past and then giving me a dirty look when I come along behind them, crazy women at junctions who cut across my side of the road and then gesticulate at me as if to say how dare you be on the bit of road I illegally want to use!!! It just makes me want to punch someone!! But instead I suck it up and sing loudly to the Killers in my car like a mental woman.

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