Sunday, 21 July 2013

That's What Makes You Beautiful

So I am feeling a bit wobbly about my body at the moment. This is nothing unusual and I believe it is nothing unusual for 99% of women but instead of wallowing in self pity, thinking about the body parts I hate I am going to tell you my 5 favourite parts of my body.

1) My Boobs!
Is it bad that my favourite part of myself are my boobs? I hope not because they are and they always have been. Sometimes I curse them for being too big, it means I can't fit into certain dresses or tops but I think that it's also about dressing for my body shape, if my boobs can't fit it probably means that style would have looked awful on me!

2) My Calves! 
Firstly I am not sure what the plural for calf is in terms of you legs so I have gone for the same as the plural for multiple baby cows. Secondly its not my legs that I like as a whole as I have a whole host of issues with my thighs but I am really happy with my lower leg. They are relatively toned and look pretty skinny in comparison to the rest of me which brings me on to

3) My Arms!
They are skinny and I have very little "bingo wing" going on, what more can I say!

4) My Bum!
Yeah I have a lot of junk in my trunk but I like it. I don't have any cellulite, don't really know what cellulite is to be honest but pretty sure I don't have what anyone else describes. I'm not sure if this is genetics or the fact that I am too podgy but I am happy.

5) My Eyes!
I think that this is a cop out when people say that there eyes are their favourite part of their body. Unless you have spectacular colour eyes then I find it very sad that you can't find something that you like more about your body than your eyes

So instead of focusing on my negatives I am trying to focus on my positive, even though the amount of back fat I have is creeping me the f**k out!! How can I lose weight but this area seems to be getting bigger?!?!

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