Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Scream if you want to go faster

I don't want to happy and helpful and nice and cheery and bubbly. I want to be miserable, I want to tell people to get off their high horses and get over themselves, I want to scream. It's very difficult though when people know you for being the happy go lucky one and at the moment I want to say tough sh*t! I know it's not anyone else'd fault that I am in basically the largest grump known to mankind but I want it to be. I want to be able to blame someone, I want to stop trying so hard and tell everyone to just do one.

Wait you can't be arsed to look for a bit of information for yourself, you'd rather come pester me for it? I don't care

You think you are super important and that you are the only person that has anything useful to do  and then whine and bitch like crazy because you have to actually take some responsibility? I'm pretty sure it's called a job, get over it

You want to tell me how I can "improve" myself as a person through your years of knowledge as a human being? Well whoopty f*cking do

Sorry but you think I'm being mean? Well I am

But instead I graciously take it all the chin and keep quiet (apart from the occasional blog explosion!!)

What the heck is this??

I leave you with a picture of the most hideous bit of jewellery I have ever seen, even she looks confused as to why she is wearing it

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