Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Happy Birthday Little Sister

So here I am looking super cute at the age of 16 months wondering what is this thing that has come into my life and it turns out it was my best friend and my baby sister. So now you aren't so little, taller than me in fact (although that's not difficult) I just want to wish you a happy birthday!

You were obviously super boring as I couldn't even stay awake but that makes up for all the times that we giggled all through the night when we shared a room or the times you woke me up from sleep talking (or sleep shouting!!) The time you broke your thumb doing a gymnastic move, the time we painted our dolls head's with nail polish, the time we cycled so fast away from the devil goat, all make up for you being so dull as a baby

Look at your stupidly blue eyes and look at how much I love you. Look at how cool we are in our matching outfits, you still must love my fashion sense because some of my clothes have turned into permanent residents in your wardrobe although I did inherit a large proportion of clothes from your reject pile! You are more and more beautiful every day and it hurts me when you cannot see it in yourself. You make me laugh more than I ever thought possible and I would do anything to make you smile. So I just want to say...


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What do you do... #2

when you actually hate your hair?

You stand in the mirror and cry while you straighten it in the morning, you don't mention it to anyone but when they mention it say that you hate it and get in a grump, try pinning it back in the hope that it will somehow affect the colour and then wash it a millon times!

Ignore the fact that I'm wearing Eeyore pyjamas and I'm 21 and ignore the stupid face I'm pulling and focus on the fact that my hair isn't red anymore!! I dyed my hair after someone lovingly sent me a Snapchat video telling me that my roots needed doing, umm thanks. So I brought some hair dye and no I never buy the same colour or brand and just buy what's on offer so I picked up Cherry Red which looked like a bright light red. Well my hair is almost black in some lights and has a very distinct purple tinge, it's not what I wanted and the dark colour doesn't suit me at all.

Also I think I've killed my hair as it's falling out at a ridiculous speed and it's really dry like straw, like horrible purple straw!!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Shit Girls Say..

So I found this video on Hither & Thither's blog (which I love, her little boy Hudson is super cute and her trips with Hudson and her husband increase my wanderlust no end) and it really got me thinking (and giggling).

What things do I say all the time that literally are like "Whaaaattt?!?!!"

Thick as Toffee (in a really Suffolk accent) - It's because I'm trying not to swear so much at work so instead of saying the well known term thick as s*#t I politely say toffee but it doesn't make sense and  I know it!!

No Wozza Brozza - This actually means "No worries brother" and why would any normal person even say that in real life but if anyone says thanks to me for doing something then this is my general reply

Alright Treacle (in a really London accent) - I must think that I belong in Eastenders because who even says this?? My friend will literally refuse to speak to me if I say this to him but he calls me lad so the feeling is pretty mutual

What the Foie?!? or Shut the Front Door - Stolen from my two favourite food men on tv, Adam Richman and Guy Fieri, I am cool enough to through these into everyday conversation

At the moment I seriously can't think of anymore but as you can tell I'm annoying as hell!!! Love me?!!? Let me know some things that you can't stop saying even though you know they make you sound about 90 IQ points dumber than you actually are

Sunday, 28 July 2013

What do you do...

when you realise you hate the sound of your own voice??

You do what any sane person would do and you keep recording your voice on your iPhone to hear what you actually sound like!

It all started off when I was recording my little sister doing a cartwheel so she could see where she was going wrong, she spoke in it and I realised that it was a pretty good match for how she sounds and then it was like "Bugger!" I had recorded a video of my little brother riding his bike and uploaded it to Facebook and listened back and hated my voice but I thought that the recording had distorted it. Nope that's actually how I sound, so Spex I don't think I'll be doing a vlog anytime soon!!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

World's Worst Dieter

Day One of the diet

From the pictures you can probably tell that day one wasn't that much of a skinny day but it's nearly my sister's birthday and she wanted to go out for lunch. I ate a delicious sandwich called the "Double Pig" and yes I did really feel like a pig once I ate it! It had pulled pork and bacon and BBQ sauce and homemade coleslaw, what more could you want in life?!? Oh I can tell you, a massive slice of carrot cake

So I thought I would tell you the 5 reasons I am an awful dieter...

1) I actually love food
Who cannot love food? I mean look at the pictures above, who could turn their nose up at the crazy amount of carbs on offer?

2) I used to think I was fat when I wasn't
I have pictures of myself from when I was younger when I thought I was enormous that I look back at now and realise I was never fat. Yeah I was bigger than my friends but everyone has different body shapes, you just don't realise that when you are 15. So when I put on weight I thought it didn't matter because I was already fat, what was a few more pounds? And now I look back and think I would give my left leg to weigh that much again (and I probably would have to!!)

3) I need pudding
If I go out for a meal, I need pudding!! I went out last night for dinner and even though I was super full from the Cajun chicken burger with mint & cucumber and chips, we ordered lemon posset and pear tart to share and it was great.

4) I lose weight, convince myself that I am happy, that I don't care and then put it back on
I am my own worst enemy, I lose weight and then put it back on once I have convinced myself that I am happy with my body. But I'm not happy and I have that self bravado and a lot of laughs at my own expense to convince myself and every one around me that I am happy

5) I am a lazy bum
I much rather sit here and read your blogs about food and makeup and your fantastic lives than get up off my massive arse and do some exercise! See I knew I could blame someone else.

But hopefully this time I will stick to this!!

Fatty trying to get Skinny

I am starting my diet today!

Ok now I've put it out there into the blogsphere, I can't take it back and I actually have to do something. My "diet" the past few weeks has been eating nothing but mints all day until I come home from work where I literally stuff my face with every carb based product known to man!! Shockingly I've actually lost weight but only a couple of pounds.

So this morning I went for a swim at 8.30am in the morning, on a Saturday!!! If any of you know me you will know that this is shocking for two reasons 
A) I am not a morning person
B) I hate exercise 
and maybe actually C) I can't really swim
It was slightly embarrassing as old ladies over took while I did some kind of resemblance of breast stroke that was more me kinda floundering along like an injured porpoise but I did it, so go me!

I am not going to tell you how much I weigh, but it's unhealthy and a big number so hoping to make that smaller before I go to Cyprus in like 6 weeks!!!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Road Rage-aholic

I am in no ways a great driver and I don't think anyone I know is under any illusions that I am! My boss loves to remind of the time I got lost on the way to Colchester Football Stadium (a couple of months ago) or the time I came to work with my reverse light hanging out because I reversed into a flagpole at my own house or the time that I told him in my job interview that the reason I don't drive is because I'm scared because on my second lesson I nearly crashed into a double decker bus. No I have no idea why they employed me either!

So the dent in the bonnet to the left that totally wasn't me, I brought it like that I promise! But that massive bit of black gaffer tape, well that hides a massive hole in my bumper that definitely was me! I crashed in the snow in December last year - I was going about 30mph in one direction on my way to work and ended up going 0mph in hedge facing the other way on the other side of the road. Literally one of the scariest moments of my life but I didn't cry until my dad came to rescue me and I still drove to work later on!!

So this proves I am not the best driver but I am pretty sure over the last couple of days, every other road user has been out to get me and in my very non dramatic way I have sworn at every single one of them. Tractors taking up the whole road going like 15mph, cyclists chatting next to each other so I can't go past and then giving me a dirty look when I come along behind them, crazy women at junctions who cut across my side of the road and then gesticulate at me as if to say how dare you be on the bit of road I illegally want to use!!! It just makes me want to punch someone!! But instead I suck it up and sing loudly to the Killers in my car like a mental woman.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Who thinks its appropriate to wear a faux leather skirt to work in an office? Me, that's who! And why the heck not? Who needs classy when you are twenty one and I'm of the frame of mind that until my boss tells me to stop it then I'm carrying on. However that would be one awkward conversation as I am awful at taking criticism

Who wants to be my boyfriend? I have definitely had enough of this being single crap so yeah I NEED someone to go on a date with me. All I need is someone who is nice and won't murder me, actually scrap the nice bit just don't murder me.

Who has time to do their hair into anything good in the morning? I am not a morning person so it is not the time for me to be in charge of really hot object near my face. It is also not the time to be doing any elaborate pinning or folding or twisting or whatever. Day one - Wash hair, brush hair, dry the front of my hair, put it up, sleep in said hairstyle. Day two - Take hair down, put some sea salt spray in it, scrunch, pretend I now haven't not brushed my hair (double negative, I am so confused!!)

Who is actually reading this thing? If you are one of them then you might like my questions of "Why?" and "When?" I'm an inquisitive little bugger

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Family Fortunes

So this weekend it was just me and the siblings, fending for ourselves and I had a super weekend. Mum and Dad have gone way for a much deserved break for their 22nd wedding anniversary and to make this possible I had to look after the little monsters! So we played board games, ate tonnes of chips, practiced cartwheels, went to the zoo, went to the library, learnt to ride bikes without stabilisers, had sleepovers and realised that one day I definitely want to be a mum.

He doesn't care that his bike is pink, he just cares that he can ride it all by himself. He wants to ride the train twice at the zoo just in case he "baguettes" the first time (I'm pretty sure he means forget but I am not correcting that cuteness). He got a book from the library about science and he knows that we couldn't live without water because we wouldn't be able to make squash. And when he joins me in bed at midnight and I watch him sleep I forget that sometimes he is a little bugger and just smile.

I love being the oldest sibling, I love having these lot under my wing. I love the fact that I get to be proud of their achievements and get to reward them for their triumphs. My two sisters are too pretty but I'm not too jealous, it makes me happy to see them happy and I wouldn't change them for the world

Even though they fight like every sibling set does, these two cheeky little monkey's get on like a house on fire most of the time. They look so sweet in their matching t-shirts and like butter wouldn't melt but don't let that fool you. They are both too smart for their own good and want to know everything. It's like being in a hurricane of questions that you don't know the answer to but I want to bottle up that curiosity and keep it forever.

And just to prove we did actually see some animals!! This weekend has proved to me how important my family are to me, how much I need them to be happy and while things sometimes get difficult and you feel like you are alone, with munchkins like this around how could you ever be sad?

**Sorry this has been such a sentimental post, I promise I'll go back to being a bitch soon!

That's What Makes You Beautiful

So I am feeling a bit wobbly about my body at the moment. This is nothing unusual and I believe it is nothing unusual for 99% of women but instead of wallowing in self pity, thinking about the body parts I hate I am going to tell you my 5 favourite parts of my body.

1) My Boobs!
Is it bad that my favourite part of myself are my boobs? I hope not because they are and they always have been. Sometimes I curse them for being too big, it means I can't fit into certain dresses or tops but I think that it's also about dressing for my body shape, if my boobs can't fit it probably means that style would have looked awful on me!

2) My Calves! 
Firstly I am not sure what the plural for calf is in terms of you legs so I have gone for the same as the plural for multiple baby cows. Secondly its not my legs that I like as a whole as I have a whole host of issues with my thighs but I am really happy with my lower leg. They are relatively toned and look pretty skinny in comparison to the rest of me which brings me on to

3) My Arms!
They are skinny and I have very little "bingo wing" going on, what more can I say!

4) My Bum!
Yeah I have a lot of junk in my trunk but I like it. I don't have any cellulite, don't really know what cellulite is to be honest but pretty sure I don't have what anyone else describes. I'm not sure if this is genetics or the fact that I am too podgy but I am happy.

5) My Eyes!
I think that this is a cop out when people say that there eyes are their favourite part of their body. Unless you have spectacular colour eyes then I find it very sad that you can't find something that you like more about your body than your eyes

So instead of focusing on my negatives I am trying to focus on my positive, even though the amount of back fat I have is creeping me the f**k out!! How can I lose weight but this area seems to be getting bigger?!?!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

No Longer a HTML Virgin

Do you come here often? *wink*

If so then you will notice that things have been updated slightly and I did it all myself (super proud) with some help from my good friend Google.

I now have a blog button which you can pop onto your sidebar if you want, if you do let me know and we can swap! If you would like to make your own then check out these great tutorials that I used to help me (1) & (2). They were really helpful and I am a complete techno fail so really easy

I also managed to make my own links for my social media which I have been trying to do for absolutely ages. It includes my Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin' and Pinterest so if you would like to check me out then I would be really happy!! Making this was a little bit more difficult (but this tutorial really helped) and I will probably play around with the pictures a bit more!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What I Have Learnt From Cosmo

Reading this month's Cosmo has left me in no doubt as to why some people thing women are the dumber sex. I know it's meant to be entertaining (and so is this, so don't hate on me Cosmo fans, I spent £3.60 on it!!) so I thought I would let you into the things I have learnt:

Jason Derulo broke his neck and Rachel Bilson was in a coma, I did not know that, thank you Cosmo

That apparently it is weak to apologise to your employees even if you know you are wrong

That it's not only me that can't do beauty in the sun and ends up with sunburn and extreme tan lines 

That a guy can't admit to his wife that he's an escort but still finds the time to anonymously write an article about for a popular woman's magazine. You are married with a child, that woman deserves better or it's fiction, I'm guessing the later

That some women find really pale man posing naked with guitars really attractive and some women (or just myself) really don't! 

That you need to "fall in love with yourself" in an emotional sense but also look fabulous in double denim and perfectly sculpted brows, while fighting for make up that doesn't test on animals and learn to give yourself a double orgasm with one hand!!

That the way to get a pay rise at work is to tell your boss how good you are, help them when they are stressed, volunteer for jobs that are crap (and apparently even if you do a poor job they will appreciate the "effort" you put in) and let them know how your "core values" align

That curvy girls can wear denim (no shit Sherlock, they can damn wear well whatever they please)

That Gwyneth Paltrow loves burgers, it's all about moderation darling

And no women's magazine is complete without my horoscope!

Nobody Moving On

Mr Nobody is in a relationship and before you ask no its not with me.

Yes I had convinced myself that I didn't care about him, that a relationship isn't what I wanted but surely something meaningful is always what you have your heart set on. Yes he had never said otherwise that he might be interested in me but he always said that he wasn't ready for a relationship giving me that small grain of hope that when he may decide that he was ready that person would be me.

But he stopped talking to me and I decided to stop making an idiot of myself. So I actually followed my own advice, I blocked him on Facebook chat and deleted his number. When he says that you are friends but doesn't even want to talk to me when he is getting it on with someone else obviously means that we weren't friends.

And then, once again, there it is "Mr Nobody is in a relationship with ..." and it hurts more than I care to tell you. Because this isn't the first time, my ex boyfriend did this to me too and now I hate everything to do with announcing your relationship on Facebook. I know its not about me for either Mr Nobody or my ex but for me it's always about me. Of course they aren't going to sit there and think about whether it will hurt me and of course they aren't going to care. 

And then I do the petty thing of comparing my life to a girl on Facebook who I have never met. Of course I can never life up to her, the life you show on Facebook doesn't include the times you sit at home alone or the outfits where you look awful or the time you ate a whole cake to yourself. 

So once again, I'm alone and I can say the cliched thing that I'm happy that way but I'm not so what do you say then?

At least I have my friends?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Green Eyed Blog Monster

I was on the phone to a customer the other day at work and he was asking me what I had done the previous evening, my answer "oh the usual, sit at home and read other people's blogs" Silence. Shit, I forgot this isn't something that quite a lot of people really understand and if you had said to me a couple of months ago that this is what I would be doing almost every evening then I would have thought you were crazy. But I love it. He then asked me what it is that they blog about and I had to condense all your crazy lives into a few sentences and it was hard!! So I thought I would introduce you to a few of my favourite bloggers at the moment (although this is far from all of the blogs I read, just a little snapshot)

I love reading about people's cute kids, I love pictures of them being adorable and I love the things they say. My favourite for this at the moment is Melissa @ Dear Baby. Her post about her little girl being three going on thirteen cracked me up and she is just one of the best mummy's around!

Speaking of cute kids, Louise's little one over @ Sprinkle of Glitter is one of the most adorable little munchkins I have ever had the pleasure of lying my eyes on but I also love Louise's picures and posts from everything from fashion and beauty to pictures (she started the 30 Day Snap which I attempted and failed at!!) and serious topics. She also does a great vlog!

One of my favourite vloggers at the moment is Bre @ Peacoats and Plaid. Firstly she makes me want to be American, I love her accent and pretty much find everything she says hilarious. Her little girl is also super cute (can you see a theme occurring here??) and is always trying to be involved in Mummy's videos

I also love reading about Patricia's life in Paris with her husband over @ Kisses & Croissants. She is super sweet and I just love the way she writes. I also kind of want to be her, is that really strange? I am going to say yes!!

Just thought I would let you know what I am enjoying at the moment, go on over and check them out and if you have any blogs you would recommend (including your own) then please leave me a comment. Over and out
My first 30 Day Snap Pic - great for a foot fetish!!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

What Not to Wear

I am no style guru, I'm no Trinny & Susannah, I'm not Gok Wan. I love fashion and I love clothes but I am not known for wearing the most appropriate of clothing

Middle of the winter - dress, no cardigan and tights
Not the skinniest - midi skirt and crop top
Yesterday height of British Summer so far, massive Geek jumper and faux leather skater skirt. Now to some of you I bet you are thinking that sounds hideous and some of you would have looked at me yesterday and thought "Oh dear, really not my cup of tea" but it wasn't horrendous and I am young and carefree.

Now woman at the pub yesterday was definitely carefree but she was twenty years the wrong side of being young and to be honest skank came to mind. It wasn't just her outfit (dungarees with a cropped boob tube and no bra) but her vulgar comments. I am definitely not a prude but I don't think its appropriate to tell every young lad that walked past that she thought they were fit and then proceed to ask them the length of their *ahem* (you know what I mean, I am not saying it) She asked if people were shaven, when was the last time they had sex and she just came across as desperate and cheap.

I just don't understand some people!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cider and a Laugh

So I have a bit of a grump in at the moment (my post from yesterday might have indicated this to you!) and even thought I don't want to be that person that always whines and moans on their blog, unfortunately this is what it had become. The past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster and I have felt very unable (and possibly in some ways very unwilling) to deal with them. My mum had a scare, luckily everything was fine, and while this was going on I was horrible to be around. I was angry and scared and wanted it to be someone else's fault rather than just fate or nature or whatever you believe in and I really hoped that the all clear would clear up my emotions but it hasn't!!

So tonight when my best guy friend invited me out for a drink with one of my best friends, it was much needed and I laughed. Like a lot. We spoke about high school and those embarrassing stories, bitched about people we hadn't seen in years, made fun of each other, told stories that didn't even make sense and I feel good. No, it hasn't sorted out all my problems (I will share more at another point) but I feel ready to tackle them head on. There is nothing more humbling than the time you got super emotional at 16 and had a major meltdown in the middle of class only to be told "it's Biggin, not Biggins" and being reminded of this everytime you speak to someone makes me cringe. Or being reminded of the time I got so drunk I had to get the taxi to stop twice so I could vom and then having said best guy friend lend me his shoes so I can actually walk to his house and let me sleep in his spare bed. I have NEVER felt so ill in all my life (as this picture sums up!!)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Scream if you want to go faster

I don't want to happy and helpful and nice and cheery and bubbly. I want to be miserable, I want to tell people to get off their high horses and get over themselves, I want to scream. It's very difficult though when people know you for being the happy go lucky one and at the moment I want to say tough sh*t! I know it's not anyone else'd fault that I am in basically the largest grump known to mankind but I want it to be. I want to be able to blame someone, I want to stop trying so hard and tell everyone to just do one.

Wait you can't be arsed to look for a bit of information for yourself, you'd rather come pester me for it? I don't care

You think you are super important and that you are the only person that has anything useful to do  and then whine and bitch like crazy because you have to actually take some responsibility? I'm pretty sure it's called a job, get over it

You want to tell me how I can "improve" myself as a person through your years of knowledge as a human being? Well whoopty f*cking do

Sorry but you think I'm being mean? Well I am

But instead I graciously take it all the chin and keep quiet (apart from the occasional blog explosion!!)

What the heck is this??

I leave you with a picture of the most hideous bit of jewellery I have ever seen, even she looks confused as to why she is wearing it

Monday, 8 July 2013


When are you meant to water tomato plants? I am not green fingered at all but I really want to grow my own vegetables, I have planted them out into the soil but I am very worried that I am going to murder them. My track record isn't very good with plants to be honest, I killed both my basil, mint and parsley plants within a week of each other. I think its because I forget to water things, I need a cactus!!

When is not ok to still have feelings for your ex? We broke up 2 years ago and we have nearly been apart for as long as we were together. I'm not sure it's feelings for him as such but just feelings of loneliness and missing having a special someone in my life. Mr Nobody is a no go anymore, I just can't do it to myself and I think this is what has brought on the feelings of needed someone. I also saw my ex at the beach yesterday with his new girlfriend which will always be awkward.

When will I stop caring what other people think? Is it something that happens as you get older or is it just programmed into your personality? Either you do care or you don't and I am definitely someone that cares. It just feels so high school if you know what I mean!!

When will I get more followers? Do you guys not like me? *insert sad face here* Told you I care too much!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Book Review - The House of Rumour - Jake Arnott

"In 1941, Larry Zargorski was a naive young writer of science fiction. Seven decades on, he looks back on that crucial year and traces his place in a mysterious web - one that connects the Second World War with the Space Age, stretches from London to Cuba and Southern California, and links Ian Fleming and Rudolf Hess in a conspiracy that reverberates in the present
Could this be the secret history of the 20th Century? In this thrilling tale of spies and propagandists, the conned and the heartbroken, dreamers and fanatics, the question is:
who will you believe?"

I really wanted to like this book but I really just couldn't get into it! It was a book that I really wanted to give up on at every moment I could but I persevered, hoping that it would grow on me and even as I finished the last page I was hoping that it was going to speak to me in some profound way. But, no, I finished the book and I still didn't get it. Don't get me wrong, the book is well written but I just didn't get the story that Arnott was trying to tell me. There were too many characters and their stories were so segmented that I couldn't really empathize with any of them. I didn't like any of the characters and to me that is an important part of any book. The plot also goes throughout time and space which I get is to do with the underlying motives and ideals of the whole book but it made it so hard to follow. I have read Slaughter House 5 which I really enjoyed and is a similar premise but I think in this case there are too many characters to make this idea work

Are there any books that you have read recently that you just don't get?

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Beauty Review - Max Factor Lasting Colour Lipstick Sunbronze

  • "For low maintenance lip colour, Long Lasting Lipstick from Max Factor provides long wearing luxurious colour without drying or feathering"

Excuse the frizzy hair, I am still trying to get used to my hair routine and yes I actually went to work like this. This is definitely not the worst I have looked going to work (actually very far from it), the picture on our website which is out there for the world to see is much worse as I am hungover as hell, looking pale and pasty and my hair is utterly rank and piled on top of my head, is it any wonder I am single?!?

I brought the Max Factor Lipstick in the supermarket the other day. I don't own a lot of makeup but I have 3 red lipsticks and 3 bright pink lipsticks but nothing like this colour. To me this seems to quite a sophisticated colour without going for the impact of red and I think it really suits my hair colour. The lipstick went on with ease and felt very moisturising, the colour lasted for a long time (I only had to reapply once) but I did feel that it bled more than other lipstick brands I own. It was only £8 and I'm hoping that if I have a large variety of colours, I will be a bit more adventurous in my everyday make up choices

What do you think? Have you brought any colours from the Max Factor range? Any brands you would recommend for an intro to grown up makeup?

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Why is a 15 year old singing a song called Lighters and telling people to put their lighters in the air?? She can't even buy a lighter, she's 15!!! Why is she complaining about losing the love of her life?? They can't have been seriously together for more than a year, maybe I'm just jealous because I didn't have a record deal at 15

Why am I so bored? I'm that bored that I just want to go to bed but then that just means that another day of work comes around quicker and I do not want that

Why are the girls in Robin Thicke's video so damn attractive? And why are they flaunting how much skinnier than me in my face by wearing bloody clear plastic shorts? What's the point of wearing them? They can't be comfortable and just encourage girl's who shouldn't have that much flesh on show to squeeze into short shorts that are smaller than my knickers

Why is Mr Nobody not talking to me? Am I not attractive anymore and why am I even worried about this? Of course he only talks to me when it suits him, it's always been that way so why would it be any different? Maybe its because I'm talking about him on my blog and he's found out and now he thinks I'm a creepy stalker!! Why am I such an overthinker??

Alphabet Blogging

So I am super duper early for no reason at all. I don't want to go to work early (I have spent too much time there already the past few weeks) and I also don't want to eat leftover KFC for breakfast (yes I am a fatty). This is something I stole from Alex at Bump to Baby a few weeks ago - isn't her darling baby sooo cute!!!

A) Attached or single? Most definitely single and have been for 2 years

B) Best friend? I don't really have a best friend, do things like that actually exist when you are a grown up. If I had to pick I would probably say my sister Tonteen

C) Cake or pie? I'm guessing this is an American things but being British I will always chose cake, who in their right mind would pick pie!?! However reading a lot (and I mean a lot) of American food blogs I am starting to see the appeal in pie

D)  Day of Choice? Saturday, no work, lie ins, what could be better?

E) Essential Item? iPhone, I don't know how I coped before I brought mine

F) Favourite colour? Blue

G) Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears but I would much prefer some jellybeans!!

H) Hometown? Redisham, Suffolk, UK

I) Indulgence? More than likely going to be food, I love going out to restaurants, eating food that I shouldn't, you know the usual!!

J) January or July? January, it marks the beginning of a new year with so much to look forward to

K) Kids? None of my own but I always refer to my younger 3 siblings as the kids. They are 13, 9 and 5

L) Life isn't complete without? My family and friends, I know this is a cliche but very true

M) Marriage date? Unfortunately I'm not psychic so I don't know when or if this is going to happen

N) Numbers of brothers/sisters? 3 brothers, 2 sisters

O) Oranges or apples? Apples, I hate oranges.

P) Phobias? A crazy amount to even mention but mainly birds, worms, frogs, small spaces, heights. The list goes on and on

Q) Quotes? I'm not one of those people that has a crazy number of ideological quotes that I store in my head and live my life by but maybe just one "Love as you wish to be loved" I'm not even sure if that's a quote!!

R) Reasons to smile? I am always smiling at silly little things, my best friends 4D scan she sent me yesterday, how uncomfortable people get when they try and ask me why my name is Toyota (see relevant post here), mine and my sister's Happy Nothing day gifts, friendship, facepaints, food, love, the list goes on and on!!

S) Season of Choice? Autumn, I just love the pretty colours, the fact it isn't too hot but you still have brisk clear sunny days

T) Tag 5 people. I don't even know what this means, I'm such a blogging noob

U) Unknown fact about me: I don't think I have an unknown fact, this means I am either thinking too much about it or I share too much already

V) Vegetable? How can you pick a favourite vegetable? I would say Broccoli I think but I am a fan of 90% of vegetables just not aubergines or green peppers

W) Worst Habit? Over thinking, over worrying, biting my nails, being too blunt, swearing like a sailor

X) X-ray or ultrasound? What does this even mean?

Y) Your favourite food? Spaghetti Carbonara, I literally lived on it when I was 16

Z) Zodiac sign? Pisces

So if you fancy doing this then I would really love to read your responses, leave me a comment with your blog details and I will swing by and check them out. What can I say my favourite hobby is reading about other people's lives?!!?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Book Review - The Good Father - Noah Hawley

"Dr Paul Allen is a happy, respected family man. All that's about to change.
When he opens the door to the news that his son has killed the next President of the USA
Did he do it? Why would he? And what now?

On Saturday I had a me day and decided to go the library and pick up some new books to read. I have always loved reading and will pretty much read anything (planning on doing a post of a few of my fave books soon, look out for it). I picked up 5 books and thought I would start with this one.

This tells the journey of Dr Paul Allen as he comes to terms with possibility that his son could be a cold blooded murderer and the role that he as a father might have played in this. It explores themes of love in a paternal/maternal sense, whether you really know those who you love and how far you would go to prove that love to your child, those around you and yourself. Of course I cried, I cry at most books, I get really involved, but this book made it very easy to get involved. Told from the point of view of the father for the most part with interjections from the past of his son's memories you follow the path to the truth from the father desperately trying to find his way backwards and the past of his son meandering forward. The two different paces of this story within the book is very well written and was one of my favourite aspects. I wouldn't describe this book as an action thriller or even a murder mystery although there are elements of violence and crime in the book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and I am thinking of actually buying the book to add to my collection 

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Beauty Review - Babyliss Sleep In Rollers

"Create volume, lift and big curls, Babyliss Sleep-In Rollers provide volume and lift instead of tight curls. These rollers are very easy to use on damp or dry hair and are comfortable to sleep in"

I brought these rollers on impulse, no research, no reading up on different products, just brought them. I know I'm a bad beauty blogger but I am only just getting into the swing of these things, I normally only brush my hair once every two days and didn't know what a primer was until a few months ago!! I had my hair cut on Saturday and when the girl dried it she used a barrel brush to make the ends curl under which I really liked so I wanted to buy one of those for myself. I just wanted to try something new with my hair as when I get bored I chop it all off and regret it straight away!
So I brought these - Babyliss Sleep In Rollers

First instruction was to comb through and section hair. I guessed they meant split my hair into bits so that I could put a roller in equal bits so that's what I did. Then you have to place the roller at the end of your section and roll up in desired direction. I had no idea what the desired direction was meant to be, is it like when guys have their ears pierced and one means they are gay and one means they are very masculine or does rolling different ways create different effects?? I had no idea, still don't to be honest.

When I woke up in the morning, most of them had pretty much fallen out so I'm not sure I got the full effect and I think the issue is that I don't really know what I'm doing but I am really pleased with the result all the same. Like the packaging says they won't create tight curls but they do create more bounce and more movement in my hair. I hated how flat my hair was before I got it cut and before I actually styled it this morning I looked like I had escaped from an 80's soap opera (there is such a thing as too much volume!!) 

I'm going to try again soon and see if I can get better at rolling, let me know if you have something similar or have any tips. What do you think? xoxo