Monday, 1 July 2013

Beauty Review - Babyliss Sleep In Rollers

"Create volume, lift and big curls, Babyliss Sleep-In Rollers provide volume and lift instead of tight curls. These rollers are very easy to use on damp or dry hair and are comfortable to sleep in"

I brought these rollers on impulse, no research, no reading up on different products, just brought them. I know I'm a bad beauty blogger but I am only just getting into the swing of these things, I normally only brush my hair once every two days and didn't know what a primer was until a few months ago!! I had my hair cut on Saturday and when the girl dried it she used a barrel brush to make the ends curl under which I really liked so I wanted to buy one of those for myself. I just wanted to try something new with my hair as when I get bored I chop it all off and regret it straight away!
So I brought these - Babyliss Sleep In Rollers

First instruction was to comb through and section hair. I guessed they meant split my hair into bits so that I could put a roller in equal bits so that's what I did. Then you have to place the roller at the end of your section and roll up in desired direction. I had no idea what the desired direction was meant to be, is it like when guys have their ears pierced and one means they are gay and one means they are very masculine or does rolling different ways create different effects?? I had no idea, still don't to be honest.

When I woke up in the morning, most of them had pretty much fallen out so I'm not sure I got the full effect and I think the issue is that I don't really know what I'm doing but I am really pleased with the result all the same. Like the packaging says they won't create tight curls but they do create more bounce and more movement in my hair. I hated how flat my hair was before I got it cut and before I actually styled it this morning I looked like I had escaped from an 80's soap opera (there is such a thing as too much volume!!) 

I'm going to try again soon and see if I can get better at rolling, let me know if you have something similar or have any tips. What do you think? xoxo

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