Saturday, 6 July 2013

Beauty Review - Max Factor Lasting Colour Lipstick Sunbronze

  • "For low maintenance lip colour, Long Lasting Lipstick from Max Factor provides long wearing luxurious colour without drying or feathering"

Excuse the frizzy hair, I am still trying to get used to my hair routine and yes I actually went to work like this. This is definitely not the worst I have looked going to work (actually very far from it), the picture on our website which is out there for the world to see is much worse as I am hungover as hell, looking pale and pasty and my hair is utterly rank and piled on top of my head, is it any wonder I am single?!?

I brought the Max Factor Lipstick in the supermarket the other day. I don't own a lot of makeup but I have 3 red lipsticks and 3 bright pink lipsticks but nothing like this colour. To me this seems to quite a sophisticated colour without going for the impact of red and I think it really suits my hair colour. The lipstick went on with ease and felt very moisturising, the colour lasted for a long time (I only had to reapply once) but I did feel that it bled more than other lipstick brands I own. It was only £8 and I'm hoping that if I have a large variety of colours, I will be a bit more adventurous in my everyday make up choices

What do you think? Have you brought any colours from the Max Factor range? Any brands you would recommend for an intro to grown up makeup?

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