Thursday, 4 July 2013

Alphabet Blogging

So I am super duper early for no reason at all. I don't want to go to work early (I have spent too much time there already the past few weeks) and I also don't want to eat leftover KFC for breakfast (yes I am a fatty). This is something I stole from Alex at Bump to Baby a few weeks ago - isn't her darling baby sooo cute!!!

A) Attached or single? Most definitely single and have been for 2 years

B) Best friend? I don't really have a best friend, do things like that actually exist when you are a grown up. If I had to pick I would probably say my sister Tonteen

C) Cake or pie? I'm guessing this is an American things but being British I will always chose cake, who in their right mind would pick pie!?! However reading a lot (and I mean a lot) of American food blogs I am starting to see the appeal in pie

D)  Day of Choice? Saturday, no work, lie ins, what could be better?

E) Essential Item? iPhone, I don't know how I coped before I brought mine

F) Favourite colour? Blue

G) Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears but I would much prefer some jellybeans!!

H) Hometown? Redisham, Suffolk, UK

I) Indulgence? More than likely going to be food, I love going out to restaurants, eating food that I shouldn't, you know the usual!!

J) January or July? January, it marks the beginning of a new year with so much to look forward to

K) Kids? None of my own but I always refer to my younger 3 siblings as the kids. They are 13, 9 and 5

L) Life isn't complete without? My family and friends, I know this is a cliche but very true

M) Marriage date? Unfortunately I'm not psychic so I don't know when or if this is going to happen

N) Numbers of brothers/sisters? 3 brothers, 2 sisters

O) Oranges or apples? Apples, I hate oranges.

P) Phobias? A crazy amount to even mention but mainly birds, worms, frogs, small spaces, heights. The list goes on and on

Q) Quotes? I'm not one of those people that has a crazy number of ideological quotes that I store in my head and live my life by but maybe just one "Love as you wish to be loved" I'm not even sure if that's a quote!!

R) Reasons to smile? I am always smiling at silly little things, my best friends 4D scan she sent me yesterday, how uncomfortable people get when they try and ask me why my name is Toyota (see relevant post here), mine and my sister's Happy Nothing day gifts, friendship, facepaints, food, love, the list goes on and on!!

S) Season of Choice? Autumn, I just love the pretty colours, the fact it isn't too hot but you still have brisk clear sunny days

T) Tag 5 people. I don't even know what this means, I'm such a blogging noob

U) Unknown fact about me: I don't think I have an unknown fact, this means I am either thinking too much about it or I share too much already

V) Vegetable? How can you pick a favourite vegetable? I would say Broccoli I think but I am a fan of 90% of vegetables just not aubergines or green peppers

W) Worst Habit? Over thinking, over worrying, biting my nails, being too blunt, swearing like a sailor

X) X-ray or ultrasound? What does this even mean?

Y) Your favourite food? Spaghetti Carbonara, I literally lived on it when I was 16

Z) Zodiac sign? Pisces

So if you fancy doing this then I would really love to read your responses, leave me a comment with your blog details and I will swing by and check them out. What can I say my favourite hobby is reading about other people's lives?!!?

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