Sunday, 21 July 2013

Family Fortunes

So this weekend it was just me and the siblings, fending for ourselves and I had a super weekend. Mum and Dad have gone way for a much deserved break for their 22nd wedding anniversary and to make this possible I had to look after the little monsters! So we played board games, ate tonnes of chips, practiced cartwheels, went to the zoo, went to the library, learnt to ride bikes without stabilisers, had sleepovers and realised that one day I definitely want to be a mum.

He doesn't care that his bike is pink, he just cares that he can ride it all by himself. He wants to ride the train twice at the zoo just in case he "baguettes" the first time (I'm pretty sure he means forget but I am not correcting that cuteness). He got a book from the library about science and he knows that we couldn't live without water because we wouldn't be able to make squash. And when he joins me in bed at midnight and I watch him sleep I forget that sometimes he is a little bugger and just smile.

I love being the oldest sibling, I love having these lot under my wing. I love the fact that I get to be proud of their achievements and get to reward them for their triumphs. My two sisters are too pretty but I'm not too jealous, it makes me happy to see them happy and I wouldn't change them for the world

Even though they fight like every sibling set does, these two cheeky little monkey's get on like a house on fire most of the time. They look so sweet in their matching t-shirts and like butter wouldn't melt but don't let that fool you. They are both too smart for their own good and want to know everything. It's like being in a hurricane of questions that you don't know the answer to but I want to bottle up that curiosity and keep it forever.

And just to prove we did actually see some animals!! This weekend has proved to me how important my family are to me, how much I need them to be happy and while things sometimes get difficult and you feel like you are alone, with munchkins like this around how could you ever be sad?

**Sorry this has been such a sentimental post, I promise I'll go back to being a bitch soon!

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