Saturday, 27 April 2013

I love you Joan Watson

Getting skinnier!!
I am experiencing some major body envy!!

Now I am not a woman that keeps quiet when I think another woman is attractive. I think you should tell people when you love their outfit/hair/makeup, think they have lost some weight or just admitting that they are ridiculously hot. There are some people you look at and are just like I would give me left leg to have their boobs/bum/legs/flat tummy and I'm not quiet about it. I'm one of those girls that will come up to you in a club and gush how I love your outfit, the fact that you are beautiful and OMG where do you get those shoes?!?!  - I know this is irritating, but I really can't help it, once I've had wine I'm extra mouthy and that's saying something!!

At the moment I am watching some episodes of Elementary that I have recorded and I love Lucy Liu. She is so fit and athletic and I think that even if I got to her size I still wouldn't have her shape!!

On a happy note I am 4.5 pounds closer to having the body of my dreams!! Just to keep plugging away at it

Pretty Please?

Help Required...

I'm loving writing my blog and I hope some of you are enjoying listening to my rambles but I would really like to customise my blog a bit more. I don't really know where to start and I'm a complete novice so any information that you could give me would be really helpful to me.

I'm looking to create a personalised header, background and just anything that makes my blog, well a bit more me.



Thursday, 25 April 2013

Once you go black...

When I'm on a diet all I can think about is food, the lack of food and constantly scrutinising every single ounce of fat on my body (and there are quite a few of them!!) Yesterday night I stood in front of a mirror for half an hour crying and poking podgy bits on my body, absolutely crazy I know!!

So instead of writing about food, I'm going to talk about clothes. I love clothes with a passion and I thought I'd let you know my three favourite black items in my wardrobe...

Black Peplum Skirt...

I love this skirt. I hardly ever buy stuff from Topshop as their sizes are cut quite small and I normally can't fit my chunky bum or large bust into their clothes but I was soo happy that I could fit into this beautiful skirt. The peplum hides my tummy bulge and while its quite short (much to the horror of others - please see previous post)I love it! I've worn it out clubbing, to work (with tights don't worry!) and just on days out and its so versatile! Oh and in case you haven't noticed by now I am a major lover an exclamation mark.

Black Shift Dress...

At least 50% of my wardrobe is from New Look, mainly because its super cheap and I have a shop very close to me without having to go all the way to Norwich (all right is only like half an hour away but I'm a lazy bugger!) This dress has leather look shoulders and pockets and gives a slightly different look to a normal shift dress. Its too short to wear without leggings or tights but my favourite way to wear this is with leggings, frilled ankle socks and my brown studded boots. The main reason I am not showing myself in them is a) I'm feeling super fat and b) I'm already in my pyjamas. Told you I was lazy

Black Blazer...

I have literally worn this H&M blazer to death. The pocket is half hanging off and the collar has lost all its shape but I wear it all the time. It smartens up any outfit. It means I can wear pretty dresses or printed hareem trousers to work without worrying that I look too informal. I probably do but I convince myself that its ok!! As you can tell I pretty much live my life in black. It covers a multitude of sins especially when you are having a fat day/week/month/life!

Let me know your favourite wardrobe items xoxo

Monday, 22 April 2013

Yaris, Corolla, you know as in the car!!

For all of you who may not know, my real name is Toyota. I will wait for every car joke under the sun and if you tell me one I haven't heard before I'll give you a medal. I like my name, I wouldn't change it, it makes me who I am and at least no one forgets me but what is it about having an abnormal name that makes people think they can ask where I was conceived?!?

Firstly I'm pretty sure that's not how you choose your child's name (I don't know, I don't have kids). However if it is, why are there not more children called bed, sofa, kitchen worktop (jokes, I have never done that!)

Secondly that's my conception you are talking about. Yes I know how babies happen but I don't really want to think about it, let alone have a full blown conversation about it with a complete stranger.

People decide that they can tell me if they like my name, as if I care or feel the need to tell me that my name is unusual as if I hadn't noticed (yes I do come across as a bit of a bimbo but I'm not a complete idiot!) In all honesty I don't mind people telling the occasional car joke. My friend quite often shouts at me "OI COROLLA" when she wants me and I don't even bat an eyelid. Its not the worst nickname I've ever heard, my friend informed me that if you meet someone called Lydia you actually have to call them Chlamydia so not all bad.

So now we have been formally introduced, how do you do?


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Trousers vs No Trousers

I feel crappy. I'm not sure if I feel ill because I'm tired or feel tired because I'm ill but either way instead of spending the day relaxing in the sun I have literally slept most of the afternoon **sigh**

On Thursday after a crappy day at work, I managed to make that day even better by smashing the plate to the microwave (literally chucked it on the floor, yes I am super clumsy) and in the process of cleaning it up ripped my favourite trousers!! So RIP the most comfy trousers ever. They literally feel like I'm wearing pyjamas to work and its the best feeling ever, not sure anyone else approves of them though!!

Felix decided he wanted to be part of the picture...

Diet is going well (lost two pounds this week) but yesterday went out for a meal to Zaks for my little sister's thirteenth birthday (my 13th included a birthday party that hardly any of my friends came to, I was super upset about it but I'm over it now, no really it doesn't bother me at all, OK maybe still slightly upset about it 8 years later) I had the best burger ever, it was burger and pulled pork!! It was soo good I forgot to take a picture of it but you will just have to take my word for it. While I was there I wore a skirt with no tights and OMG it's as if people have never seen a fat girl's legs before. Not every girl who weighs more then 9 stone wants to constantly live their life in bootcut jeans and a turtle neck jumper and then maybe a cardigan and a scarf over the top for good measure just in case an inch of skin is on show! People were literally turning their heads and gasping, I'm not even exaggerating and I'm well known for being overdramatic. It wasn't even that short!! Ok maybe it was but I personally like my legs so screw you!!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Teenage Angst

I'm going to rant, you might not like what I have to say and I'm sorry if I offend anyone.

Ok disclaimer over, lets begin.

Life is full of utterly devastating moments that I really cannot comprehend. I do not understand the hatred in the world and honestly wish to be no part of it. The horrors of the bombing in Boston at a marathon make me want to cry. Why would you ever feel the need to make your statement in this way? How does killing an 8 year old boy cheering for his father further your cause, whatever that may be? 
A woman, her three children and her unborn child are dead close to where I live and all anyone can think to say is that she was living on benefits as if that means in some way those children deserved what happened to them. You cannot choose your parents, you cannot choose if you are born rich or poor and statements like that make me feel sick. I am happy for people to have opinions and happy for people to voice them but I think people should think about what they say before they make insulting statements in front of people they don't know that well. Keep that opinion to yourself, have that conversation with someone that loves you and won't hate you for being bigoted.

I know this is far from my normal light hearted post but if you can't express yourself on your blog where can you! xoxo

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Chunky Monkey

I am a dieting disaster! I am two days into my "Get Cyprus Fit" diet and its actually going pretty well for me. The trouble is that as soon as I start dieting I become ravenous. I literally cannot stop thinking/talking/dreaming about food and the lack of it. I am fully aware that diets should be a lifestyle change not just a quick fix because if not then those good habits do not stick. However I also feel that as this is the start of a new health kick that I should really try to do it properly!

As work was kind of stressful today it took all my willpower to not go to the shop and buy a calorie filled pre packaged sandwich, crisps and chocolate and make things better by falling into a carb coma. I am a very emotional eater. I use food when I'm sad, when I'm tired, when I'm angry, when I have something to celebrate and I don't want to lose my love of food either (although I'm pretty sure there is very little chance of that happening any time soon).

Wish me luck and let me know if you have any dieting tips xoxo 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Beauty Post

Made a trip into Boots this weekend to update my makeup collection and just thought I'd let you know how I got on with my new buys. Now I'm not a person that wears a great deal of makeup and I'm not really someone who is very good at applying it or knowing what's best for my skin type.

I'm super pale and have a combination of oily and dry skin depending upon which part of my face you pick! I also put my make up through quite a lot as I am constantly rubbing my face/eyes as I work on the computer all day long so I often end up with mascara half way down my face!

On Saturday I went out with friends and borrowed my sisters' primer as my mum had dyed my hair for me and managed to dye most of my forehead (I still have a slightly red face) and this kept my makeup in place all night (even though I had 3 glasses of wine!) So I decided to invest in some for myself. I purchased the Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer and was really impressed with it's coverage. I then combined this with No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Calico. This was the lightest colour that they did and I had then been saying to my sister that maybe my problem was that my makeup was too light. I had my skin tested with the No 7 colour match that has been shown on tv. I then applied my bronzer normally and to finish applied No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in Translucent. This then covered any final imperfections or shine that I had and helped to keep my makeup in place. All in all I would recommend. I would post a picture but it unfortunately didn't last through my brisk 20 minute walk today! Trying to get a bit slimmer before holidays but I hate exercise.

Let me know what you think of the products xoxo

P.S. Keep donating to the Little Princess Trust here


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Holiday Baby!!!

Got so much to look forward to this September!! 

Just booked a holiday to Cyprus with my sister and I'm super excited already. Looking forward to getting some sunshine, sand and cocktails. The last beach holiday I went on was to Lanzarote and we managed to go in the wettest February they had in over twenty years (this is my typical luck). As the hotels aren't very well equipped for rain I managed to fall over on the wet tiles and bruise myself all over. To be honest it was the only colour I  got all holiday! We are going to Sentido Kouzalis Beach Hotel which looks beautiful and apparently the weather is always nice so hopefully will get a nice tan.

Also my best friend's baby is due in September (the day I'm due back from holidays) and I can't wait. I am already eyeing up all the gifts I can buy and I'm pretty sure this baby is going to bankrupt me but I will love them all the same!

I went out last night with a few friends and had a great night. One of them was only drinking water as he is running a half marathon today in aid of a really great charity (check out here for more info and to donate) and another was only drinking diet coke but still managed to knock it all over self (love her, also can't wait until May where I get to go live the uni life for one night with her)

Now to relax and watch the Formula One that I recorded from this morning, let me know what you have to look forward to this year xoxo

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thursday Special

You know when your day has felt like an utter failure??

You know when you do something so stupid that you don't even know how it happened??

You know when everyone is really annoyed at you but the most annoyed person is yourself??

You know when you just want to cry but you know it won't solve anything??

Well that describes my day perfectly!!

So to make my day better I have eaten Indian food with good work friends and I'm now way too full. Curry and laughing can cure anything I'm sure! Now to do it all again tomorrow **sigh**


My birthday dress which I realise now was way too short!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


So I heard from Mr Complicated yesterday and for once in my life I was utterly speechless. Its been over a week since this date/no date didn't happen and I had pretty much forgotten all about him. Then out of the blue yesterday I get a text, asking how I was, apologising for the other week and hoping that we could stay friends. We weren't even friends to start off with, I had spoken to him for a few hours and then a few texts after that but that doesn't mean we are pals. 

So what do you say to that???

I don't want to be horrible, I'm not very good at being intentionally blunt (very good at being unintentionally blunt to be honest, most people will confirm that!) and he hasn't really done anything wrong. He can not like me if he wants, I can't change that. I also don't want to be too needy as if he actually upset me by not turning up. So I did what all rational people would do and completely ignored it until I could work out what I wanted to do. And that all depends on what I want! That's always the hard bit I guess, knowing what you actually want in your life.

So I text back like a day later saying that I was good and hoped he was ok and that it was no problem (I ignored the part about friends, it was weird). I'll let you know how it goes xoxo

Monday, 8 April 2013

Tell Me Why

I don't like Mondays!

In all seriousness I don't really mind Mondays but today has been a particularly crap one. So to make today better I have watched Taken 2 and ate popcorn with my sister. Bliss xoxo

Keep Smiling

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bad habits

Is it wrong to flirt with someone that you are not remotely interested in? I am a ridiculous flirt and flirt with people all the time, people that I know aren't interested in me and I am not interested in. People who are twice my age, people who I work with, people who I don't know, anyone really I guess. Its not because I want to hurt people or anything like that, I just find it easier to socialize with a bit of casual flirting. Most of the time it doesn't hurt anyone and leads nowhere but what if I'm getting the feeling that I'm giving them the wrong impression? I'm also rubbish at admitting to someone that I'm not interested and smile at everyone so a pretty lethal combination if I'm honest.

Its also difficult to distinguish being nice from flirting, most of the time I would class what I do as being chatty and friendly but then some people don't see it that way. I also find that its different if you are a woman. If men flirt with women, sure it can be sleazy, but its generally harmless, whereas if a woman flirts with a bloke then that must mean that they are planning how best to get them to pop a ring on their finger and a baby in their belly!! I used to drive a man to work and straight away people were like "You do know he's married, right?" Firstly what are you trying to say about me? And secondly, you do realise you can be nice to someone without wanting have sex with them?!?

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to change who I am just because people get the wrong impression, its their problem not mine! Don't let the haters get you down (I don't even know what that means to be honest, I listen to too much music!)


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sleepy Saturday Shenanigans

Today has been a lovely Spring day and I've been enjoying it by food shopping, tidying the kitchen and watching TV. What an idiot!! But I've caught up some episodes of Homeland that I've recorded on Sky+ and given the kitchen a good Spring clean so I feel like I've at least achieved something. I also had a sneaky trip to New Look to spend by birthday gift card.

  • Today I needed sunglasses so got these big plastic round ones. I know these probably aren't the best idea when you have a round chipmunk style face like mine but I love them. 
  • I also picked up some gold crucifix earrings which I absolutely adore. They were only £2.99 and while I don't often wear much jewellery I think these might become a wardrobe staple.
  • I got some black slipper style pumps as I'm finally hoping that I can stop wearing boots when the weather warms up a bit more!
  • From Tesco I also picked up some Head & Shoulders anti dandruff colour care shampoo as ever since I've started dying my hair, my head has got really dry. I'm hoping that this will sort out this problem
Today has been nice not to do anything and just relax and sort out some things that I've been meaning to do.

Hope you have all had a fulfilling Saturday xoxo

Friday, 5 April 2013

Good luck Georgia

A little girl whom I believe is being a superstar is having her hair cut in the next couple of weeks but this isn't about fashion, its about the love a little girl has for others around her.
Isn't she beautiful? 

Georgia is raising money for the Little Princess Trust who will be turning her beautiful long hair into a wig for a little girl less fortunate than her. This cost about £350 so this is her target but any further donations for this will be greatly appreciated. Please visit her Just Giving site to donate to this worthy cause.

As the cliche goes every little helps so please give and share this among your friends and family.

Good luck princess xoxo

Hungry & Hungary

Budapest... take me back

I'm fed up of this cold Spring weather, even when its sunny its cold and windy. I want to go on holiday again somewhere warm and sunny. Last year I went to Budapest for an impromptu four day break and it was lovely to just get away. The weather was great and the sights were beautiful. Of course I ate too much food and drank too much wine (alcohol was cheaper than soft drinks!!) and while it is the stag party capital (mainly because of the above reason) the architecture, art and culture was incredible.

Want to need sunglasses!!
So I'm now off to watch Secret Eaters while eating a Whispa. What?!? I know why I'm chubby, its glandular (maybe not)!!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Jealousy is not a pretty trait but I am...

Now watching the Great British Sewing Bee and its making really jealous. I wish I could sew and had the patience but I am really rubbish at anything that involves straight lines or neatness or hand eye co-ordination. The bloke just described it as simple geometry but I'm pretty rubbish at that too!! At middle school I made a cushion, it lasted for literally all of 5 minutes before every stitch I had made over 2 months all fell out. At high school I made a kite (I have no idea why?? What use is that in the real world)and we had to take it outside to test it, it went up in the air, one big gust of wind and the whole thing broke apart and flew away! But it is really making me want to give it a shot to be honest.

Any tips??

Another thing I am jealous of is Claudia Winkleman's fringe!! I loved my block fringe when I had it but it was so high maintenance as my hair is naturally curly at that length. I really need a hair cut and I'm really tempted to have one cut in.

Really hope this series continues in the same vein, I'm loving it!! xoxo

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I have finally been to Nando's. I know, I know, what's taken me so long I'm sure you are thinking and to be honest I really don't know. It was lovely but the best thing about the night was chatting with a good friend for over 3 hours.

I have one bit of advice that I wish I had actually followed when I was younger and will keep this in my mind at all times: never give up on your friends. At some stage in my life when I was very entwined with my ex boyfriend I gave up on all of my friends apart from him (he didn't make me, it was my choice and in no way am I blaming him). Once we broke up I found it so hard to get back into my normal everyday life as I had distanced myself from all the people that loved me and only did I start feeling myself once I plucked up the courage and contacted my old friends. As friends do, they welcomed me back with open arms and I have never looked back. We all have our different lives and we don't see each other all the time but when we catch up it's as if we have never been apart.

Let me know how much you love your friends and some of the silly things you do together

Night chicks xoxo

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Samba & Sequinned Trousers

So I was going to write about some of wardrobe staples today but completely forgot that it was my sister's dance show tonight and it has got really late! She dances for June Glenie's School of Dance (which I was a member of for 13 years, I was awful as you can imagine, I have no co-ordination and I'm extremely clumsy so I chose ballet, go figure hey?) They were working with the Strictly Come Dancing tour with Pasha Kovalev & Katya Virshilas and it was interesting to say the least.

The average age of the viewers was probably 65, 90% female and every time a male came on stage there was a palpable sigh in the air. Now I don't know how I have lived my life up until this point without seeing a very tanned man dancing topless with black sequinned trousers on but it is an image I will never forget and to be honest with the lack of men in my life its probably one that's got to keep me going for a while!!

And on that depressing note, night!! xoxo 

Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm in love

So my dream man is a 33 year old married man with a child! No my life is not a soap opera, I am just in love with James McAvoy, a love that has only been strengthened by watching one of his new movies Trance at the cinema tonight.I have fancied him in nearly every film I've seen him in(the main exception being when he played Mr Tumnus in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe... really not my thing to be honest, can't get over the fact that he is a half goat!!) So while I'm pretty sure that's never going to happen a girl can always hope, can't she?

Anyways, what was I going to talk about other than my love for a man I have never met? Oh yeah, the film. Me and my sister went to watch this at Odeon cinema in Norwich and we decided to treat ourselves and book Gallery tickets for the first time. You get unlimited soft drinks, nachos and popcorn, get to sit in comfy seats with loads of leg room and have a nice little bit to sit in before the film and relax. The tickets are really not cheap but because I own an Odeon card (really good value would recommend to anyone), I swapped some of points for one cinema ticket so only had to pay for one so didn't seem as expensive (and I ate loads of nachos!!) The bloke who worked there must have thought we lived under a rock, we were so impressed with everything!!


The film is about Simon (James McAvoy) an art auctioneer who gets mixed up with some criminals in an art heist. However once he loses his memory, they employ a hypnotherapist to help them find the lost painting. There is a lot of nudity (way more than I expected) from McAvoy, Rossario Dawson (beautiful figure, proper jealous!) and Vincent Cassel (also very attractive even for on older man with chest hair). I did get lost at one point, its very intricately layered but very enjoyable to watch.

Hope I've sold it to you and if you have any views on the film that you want to discuss, I'd love to discuss with you.

Work tomorrow (YAWN) so speak soon xoxo


The burger (pictured above)is from the Waveney in Beccles, it was delicious and its a lovely place, check it out x

Online Dating ... not for me

As part of my life overhaul (sounds very ominous, I need to think of a much more subtle title like "slight tinkering of small aspects of my life that won't be too scary or involve too much effort" - doesn't quite have the same ring to it though)I decided to actually start looking for a relationship rather than complaining that I never meet anyone while watching TV at home and eating mini eggs. You never know a beautiful man might spring out from inside the wardrobe!! I decided to start on an online dating site and after 3 days I've already deleted my account.

Now I have nothing against online dating, I think its a nice non threatening way to meet people and means you don't have to put a full face of make up or change out of your pyjamas, I seem to meet weirdos!! It probably didn't help that I picked a free site but I'm really not ready to pay to for it quite yet! I'm a cheap skate and I need to save up to go on holiday! (Give me a few more months of being alone and I'll probably be quietly taking that one back but don't judge me too harshly)

It all started off okay, the guys were relatively normal and then the later in the evening it got, the weirder it got. Me and this one guy were getting on well, having a laugh and then he said "You wear too much makeup" He'd seen one picture of me, a picture I personally like and decided that I looked like the Joker from Batman. Well thanks, you aren't perfect looking either!! I don't know if its just me but I get really defensive if blokes pass comment on my choice of makeup. They don't wear it and is only acceptable if straight after saying it they say something like "because you are naturally so beautiful" Pathetically romantic I know but its what I want!

The straw that broke the camel's back was a 45 year old guy from Thetford who wanted a young attractive sexually submissive girl for no strings attached sex. I mean WTF?!?! I'm all for saying what you want but bloody hell I just wanted a chat, a laugh and to maybe go out for a drink. He sent me a private message detailing you know what... and that was it account deactivated. I think I'll go back to the mini eggs and waiting for Prince Charming to break down outside my house. We can always dream hey?