Saturday, 20 April 2013

Trousers vs No Trousers

I feel crappy. I'm not sure if I feel ill because I'm tired or feel tired because I'm ill but either way instead of spending the day relaxing in the sun I have literally slept most of the afternoon **sigh**

On Thursday after a crappy day at work, I managed to make that day even better by smashing the plate to the microwave (literally chucked it on the floor, yes I am super clumsy) and in the process of cleaning it up ripped my favourite trousers!! So RIP the most comfy trousers ever. They literally feel like I'm wearing pyjamas to work and its the best feeling ever, not sure anyone else approves of them though!!

Felix decided he wanted to be part of the picture...

Diet is going well (lost two pounds this week) but yesterday went out for a meal to Zaks for my little sister's thirteenth birthday (my 13th included a birthday party that hardly any of my friends came to, I was super upset about it but I'm over it now, no really it doesn't bother me at all, OK maybe still slightly upset about it 8 years later) I had the best burger ever, it was burger and pulled pork!! It was soo good I forgot to take a picture of it but you will just have to take my word for it. While I was there I wore a skirt with no tights and OMG it's as if people have never seen a fat girl's legs before. Not every girl who weighs more then 9 stone wants to constantly live their life in bootcut jeans and a turtle neck jumper and then maybe a cardigan and a scarf over the top for good measure just in case an inch of skin is on show! People were literally turning their heads and gasping, I'm not even exaggerating and I'm well known for being overdramatic. It wasn't even that short!! Ok maybe it was but I personally like my legs so screw you!!

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