Saturday, 27 April 2013

I love you Joan Watson

Getting skinnier!!
I am experiencing some major body envy!!

Now I am not a woman that keeps quiet when I think another woman is attractive. I think you should tell people when you love their outfit/hair/makeup, think they have lost some weight or just admitting that they are ridiculously hot. There are some people you look at and are just like I would give me left leg to have their boobs/bum/legs/flat tummy and I'm not quiet about it. I'm one of those girls that will come up to you in a club and gush how I love your outfit, the fact that you are beautiful and OMG where do you get those shoes?!?!  - I know this is irritating, but I really can't help it, once I've had wine I'm extra mouthy and that's saying something!!

At the moment I am watching some episodes of Elementary that I have recorded and I love Lucy Liu. She is so fit and athletic and I think that even if I got to her size I still wouldn't have her shape!!

On a happy note I am 4.5 pounds closer to having the body of my dreams!! Just to keep plugging away at it

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