Monday, 15 April 2013

Beauty Post

Made a trip into Boots this weekend to update my makeup collection and just thought I'd let you know how I got on with my new buys. Now I'm not a person that wears a great deal of makeup and I'm not really someone who is very good at applying it or knowing what's best for my skin type.

I'm super pale and have a combination of oily and dry skin depending upon which part of my face you pick! I also put my make up through quite a lot as I am constantly rubbing my face/eyes as I work on the computer all day long so I often end up with mascara half way down my face!

On Saturday I went out with friends and borrowed my sisters' primer as my mum had dyed my hair for me and managed to dye most of my forehead (I still have a slightly red face) and this kept my makeup in place all night (even though I had 3 glasses of wine!) So I decided to invest in some for myself. I purchased the Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer and was really impressed with it's coverage. I then combined this with No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Calico. This was the lightest colour that they did and I had then been saying to my sister that maybe my problem was that my makeup was too light. I had my skin tested with the No 7 colour match that has been shown on tv. I then applied my bronzer normally and to finish applied No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in Translucent. This then covered any final imperfections or shine that I had and helped to keep my makeup in place. All in all I would recommend. I would post a picture but it unfortunately didn't last through my brisk 20 minute walk today! Trying to get a bit slimmer before holidays but I hate exercise.

Let me know what you think of the products xoxo

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