Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shut Up & Drive

I was absolutely terrified of learning how to drive. Before my first lesson I cried for about an hour and then didn't have another lesson for 6 months. I hated that lesson as much as I hated the first, the woman I had teaching me was absolutely awful, she told me to treat my car as if it was a pony and got me lost!! But I had to learn to drive when I was 19 as my boyfriend left me and he was unfortunately my lift to work so I learnt to drive in 3 months and miraculously passed my test first time!!! And now I LOVE driving but it was probably a good thing that my Dad was driving us home on Monday from the cinema because I was super adrenaline fueled from watching the latest Fast & Furious.

The way to make a film amazing in my view is to fill it with cars, violence and muscle. Throw in a good story line of love, lust and family and I am totally there. Now I know 90% of the storyline is completely unbelievable. The cars seem to have a million gears when they need them and can go whatever speed they fancy. The film is set in London and every British person is either ridiculously Cockney or very posh (I promise we don't sound like this in real life!!)

I am feeling really crappy at the moment and I don't know why!!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lacking in Organisational Skills!!!

So I was totally going to take pictures and give the recipe of a really easy lemon curd cheesecake that I made on Saturday but one small hitch... I completely forgot to take pictures and now its all gone!!! It was so good that I ate it for breakfast and my dad drunkenly rambled about it to my mum. He is such a lightweight it is ridiculous!! Once he got so drunk on Father's Day (on 3 bottles of Crabbies I hasten to add) that he stumbled to the sofa muttering about parrots and promptly fell asleep FOR 12 HOURS!! I think it's where I get my complete inability to handle my drink. So unfortunately I will have to make my cheesecake again and take some pictures... what a shame!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Shopping & Snapping

So I might have been shopping today. Only internet shopping so it doesn't technically count (although my debit card might disagree, spending over £100 on clothes a week before payday might not be my brightest moment!!) That does include 2 skirts, 2 shirts and a new dress so totally bargainous and I'll probably hate half of them and send them back. You know you've spent too much money when you've qualified for free delivery. I did have over £200 in my basket and deleted things that I didn't instantly need or want and I still need to buy stuff for my holiday in September. I also have a complete lack of sensible shoes to wear to work. They keep asking me to do Manual Handling but I've been super busy and haven't had a chance and I'm pretty sure they frown upon you picking things up when you are wearing 5 inch heels.

I'm going to take part in something that I read about on one of my fave blogs from Louise over at Sprinkle of Glitter. She writes beautiful posts about her life and her adorable little girl. This involves taking a picture and posting this every day throughout June that documents your life. I'm looking forward to it already!

Much love xoxo

Friday, 24 May 2013

Love me, love me not!

So I thought I had a thing that wasn't really a thing that has subsequently turned out to not be a thing at all. Confused?? Yeah so am I.

So Mr Nobody started talking to me out of the blue, I don't really know him, he's one of those people that you have added on Facebook because you once had a chat with their ex girlfriend's sister about cats when they were there (ok so its not actually that random but you get what I mean!!)But you know one thing lead to another and you get the general gist of the story. It was good, I had a good time and then its as if nothing ever happened.

Is every guy totally ashamed of the fact that they have been with me?? Yeah I know I was the one that said I was keeping things unemotional but me keeping things unemotional is a complete contradiction. Sometimes choosing what cereal I want to eat in the morning can become emotional (OK it was only once and I was really tired and I had just poured myself some Frosties, took a bite and they were bloody stale and then I didn't want anything else, I wanted Frosties!!)But then there is also the possibility that I am totally blowing everything out of proportion, so what I text him like four hours ago and he still hasn't text me back?!? I am totally cool with that.

I am super duper cute, why don't you love me?!?!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Character Flaws

I am that person who gets too emotionally involved in things. The older I get (yes I seriously consider 21 as getting old!) the better I get at controlling said emotions but I will always be a passionate person.

I care what people think about me, while telling everyone that will listen that I don't care about others' opinions of me and my actions.

I over think things and over react to pretty much any given situation.

I will always be too self deprecating, will always be the first person to make a joke at my inability to do percentages (even though I did Maths at A Level), the fact that I am too chubby or my poor sense of direction before anyone else can beat me to the punchline. 

I am scared of making a fool of myself but always play the fool.

I am stubborn as hell, if I am wrong I will tell you that I'm right until the bitter end.

Sometimes these are things I hate about myself, the things I would change at the drop of the hat. However sometimes these are things that I love about myself. They are the things that make me who I am and I do not always love who I am (the very sad truth but the truth all the same) 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

So I know I've been really quiet over this past month but every time I have sat down to write the words just won't come!! Everything I type sounds insincere and not like me at all and I just delete it in frustration. I am one of those people that thinks there is no point doing something if you aren't go to do it well, something I think I have got from my Dad.

It hasn't helped that I've been feeling slightly down at the moment, I am on a weight loss plateau, I keep losing and putting on the same half a pound for the past three weeks!! I start off being really good, eating loads of fruit and veg, having smaller portions, doing exercise etc etc and then slowly throughout the week I just get worse and once I've started I'm just like F**K IT!! I'm giving up on this week.

So hopefully I can get back on track with both my blogging and my diet and thanks for sticking by me.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sun, Sushi and South Korea

Is it sad that the only men I super duper fancy are those from films and tv?? James Mcavoy, yup, Johnny Depp, tick and OMG Gerard Butler, definite yes!!

Just watched Olympus has Fallen at the cinema after a lovely meal with my sister at Yo Sushi. If you have never been to Yo Sushi, you should really try it! It's really not all about raw fish, I'm not even a great fan of fish. We had some lovely tempura vegetables, some gyozas (little dumplings with meat and vegetables that are then deep fried - not healthy but oh so good!!), chicken katsu curry and some other random things that were all super good.

Now back to the film, how can a film with Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart be made better? Add a little bit of Morgan Freeman is how!! This man can play God, is there anything he can't do?!? Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning (some pretty awful American accent fakings but you seriously get past it pretty quick) who is the head of the American president's (Eckhart)security team. He is demoted when the president's wife is killed in an accident but when the White House is taken over he does everything it takes to save the president and his son.

The film is super gory, like a million people die (might be an exaggeration but I am overdramatic) but it is really good. There is never a dull moment and while you are pretty sure everything is going to be ok (it is a movie, things do generally resolve themselves) but it really does keep you guessing!

I'm so glad its a bank holiday, this past week has been really long and I need a break. Hopefully the weather will be nice and I can relax in the sun!

Toodlepip my lovelies

Thursday, 2 May 2013


I am known for being overdramatic. If I didn't over react to any given situation, make a big deal out of nothing and flamboyantly storm off with lots of swearing involved, people would wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I get that's why some people don't like me, I'm hard to deal with and I do try and tone it down but I am who I am.

It gets worse when I am stressed out or tired and while I normally shy away from confrontation, when I'm stressing I can be mean. You know when there's someone you absolutely hate and you aren't even sure why. You hate everything about them, the way that they walk, the way that they talk, the way that they eat, the way that they breath!!! And at the moment I am proper stressing so yeah there's a lot of dramatics and bitchiness going on.

Can't wait for this bank holiday weekend, its much needed!