Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sun, Sushi and South Korea

Is it sad that the only men I super duper fancy are those from films and tv?? James Mcavoy, yup, Johnny Depp, tick and OMG Gerard Butler, definite yes!!

Just watched Olympus has Fallen at the cinema after a lovely meal with my sister at Yo Sushi. If you have never been to Yo Sushi, you should really try it! It's really not all about raw fish, I'm not even a great fan of fish. We had some lovely tempura vegetables, some gyozas (little dumplings with meat and vegetables that are then deep fried - not healthy but oh so good!!), chicken katsu curry and some other random things that were all super good.

Now back to the film, how can a film with Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart be made better? Add a little bit of Morgan Freeman is how!! This man can play God, is there anything he can't do?!? Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning (some pretty awful American accent fakings but you seriously get past it pretty quick) who is the head of the American president's (Eckhart)security team. He is demoted when the president's wife is killed in an accident but when the White House is taken over he does everything it takes to save the president and his son.

The film is super gory, like a million people die (might be an exaggeration but I am overdramatic) but it is really good. There is never a dull moment and while you are pretty sure everything is going to be ok (it is a movie, things do generally resolve themselves) but it really does keep you guessing!

I'm so glad its a bank holiday, this past week has been really long and I need a break. Hopefully the weather will be nice and I can relax in the sun!

Toodlepip my lovelies

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