Thursday, 23 May 2013

Character Flaws

I am that person who gets too emotionally involved in things. The older I get (yes I seriously consider 21 as getting old!) the better I get at controlling said emotions but I will always be a passionate person.

I care what people think about me, while telling everyone that will listen that I don't care about others' opinions of me and my actions.

I over think things and over react to pretty much any given situation.

I will always be too self deprecating, will always be the first person to make a joke at my inability to do percentages (even though I did Maths at A Level), the fact that I am too chubby or my poor sense of direction before anyone else can beat me to the punchline. 

I am scared of making a fool of myself but always play the fool.

I am stubborn as hell, if I am wrong I will tell you that I'm right until the bitter end.

Sometimes these are things I hate about myself, the things I would change at the drop of the hat. However sometimes these are things that I love about myself. They are the things that make me who I am and I do not always love who I am (the very sad truth but the truth all the same) 

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