Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shut Up & Drive

I was absolutely terrified of learning how to drive. Before my first lesson I cried for about an hour and then didn't have another lesson for 6 months. I hated that lesson as much as I hated the first, the woman I had teaching me was absolutely awful, she told me to treat my car as if it was a pony and got me lost!! But I had to learn to drive when I was 19 as my boyfriend left me and he was unfortunately my lift to work so I learnt to drive in 3 months and miraculously passed my test first time!!! And now I LOVE driving but it was probably a good thing that my Dad was driving us home on Monday from the cinema because I was super adrenaline fueled from watching the latest Fast & Furious.

The way to make a film amazing in my view is to fill it with cars, violence and muscle. Throw in a good story line of love, lust and family and I am totally there. Now I know 90% of the storyline is completely unbelievable. The cars seem to have a million gears when they need them and can go whatever speed they fancy. The film is set in London and every British person is either ridiculously Cockney or very posh (I promise we don't sound like this in real life!!)

I am feeling really crappy at the moment and I don't know why!!

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