Friday, 24 May 2013

Love me, love me not!

So I thought I had a thing that wasn't really a thing that has subsequently turned out to not be a thing at all. Confused?? Yeah so am I.

So Mr Nobody started talking to me out of the blue, I don't really know him, he's one of those people that you have added on Facebook because you once had a chat with their ex girlfriend's sister about cats when they were there (ok so its not actually that random but you get what I mean!!)But you know one thing lead to another and you get the general gist of the story. It was good, I had a good time and then its as if nothing ever happened.

Is every guy totally ashamed of the fact that they have been with me?? Yeah I know I was the one that said I was keeping things unemotional but me keeping things unemotional is a complete contradiction. Sometimes choosing what cereal I want to eat in the morning can become emotional (OK it was only once and I was really tired and I had just poured myself some Frosties, took a bite and they were bloody stale and then I didn't want anything else, I wanted Frosties!!)But then there is also the possibility that I am totally blowing everything out of proportion, so what I text him like four hours ago and he still hasn't text me back?!? I am totally cool with that.

I am super duper cute, why don't you love me?!?!

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