Sunday, 14 April 2013

Holiday Baby!!!

Got so much to look forward to this September!! 

Just booked a holiday to Cyprus with my sister and I'm super excited already. Looking forward to getting some sunshine, sand and cocktails. The last beach holiday I went on was to Lanzarote and we managed to go in the wettest February they had in over twenty years (this is my typical luck). As the hotels aren't very well equipped for rain I managed to fall over on the wet tiles and bruise myself all over. To be honest it was the only colour I  got all holiday! We are going to Sentido Kouzalis Beach Hotel which looks beautiful and apparently the weather is always nice so hopefully will get a nice tan.

Also my best friend's baby is due in September (the day I'm due back from holidays) and I can't wait. I am already eyeing up all the gifts I can buy and I'm pretty sure this baby is going to bankrupt me but I will love them all the same!

I went out last night with a few friends and had a great night. One of them was only drinking water as he is running a half marathon today in aid of a really great charity (check out here for more info and to donate) and another was only drinking diet coke but still managed to knock it all over self (love her, also can't wait until May where I get to go live the uni life for one night with her)

Now to relax and watch the Formula One that I recorded from this morning, let me know what you have to look forward to this year xoxo

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