Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sleepy Saturday Shenanigans

Today has been a lovely Spring day and I've been enjoying it by food shopping, tidying the kitchen and watching TV. What an idiot!! But I've caught up some episodes of Homeland that I've recorded on Sky+ and given the kitchen a good Spring clean so I feel like I've at least achieved something. I also had a sneaky trip to New Look to spend by birthday gift card.

  • Today I needed sunglasses so got these big plastic round ones. I know these probably aren't the best idea when you have a round chipmunk style face like mine but I love them. 
  • I also picked up some gold crucifix earrings which I absolutely adore. They were only £2.99 and while I don't often wear much jewellery I think these might become a wardrobe staple.
  • I got some black slipper style pumps as I'm finally hoping that I can stop wearing boots when the weather warms up a bit more!
  • From Tesco I also picked up some Head & Shoulders anti dandruff colour care shampoo as ever since I've started dying my hair, my head has got really dry. I'm hoping that this will sort out this problem
Today has been nice not to do anything and just relax and sort out some things that I've been meaning to do.

Hope you have all had a fulfilling Saturday xoxo

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