Monday, 1 April 2013

Online Dating ... not for me

As part of my life overhaul (sounds very ominous, I need to think of a much more subtle title like "slight tinkering of small aspects of my life that won't be too scary or involve too much effort" - doesn't quite have the same ring to it though)I decided to actually start looking for a relationship rather than complaining that I never meet anyone while watching TV at home and eating mini eggs. You never know a beautiful man might spring out from inside the wardrobe!! I decided to start on an online dating site and after 3 days I've already deleted my account.

Now I have nothing against online dating, I think its a nice non threatening way to meet people and means you don't have to put a full face of make up or change out of your pyjamas, I seem to meet weirdos!! It probably didn't help that I picked a free site but I'm really not ready to pay to for it quite yet! I'm a cheap skate and I need to save up to go on holiday! (Give me a few more months of being alone and I'll probably be quietly taking that one back but don't judge me too harshly)

It all started off okay, the guys were relatively normal and then the later in the evening it got, the weirder it got. Me and this one guy were getting on well, having a laugh and then he said "You wear too much makeup" He'd seen one picture of me, a picture I personally like and decided that I looked like the Joker from Batman. Well thanks, you aren't perfect looking either!! I don't know if its just me but I get really defensive if blokes pass comment on my choice of makeup. They don't wear it and is only acceptable if straight after saying it they say something like "because you are naturally so beautiful" Pathetically romantic I know but its what I want!

The straw that broke the camel's back was a 45 year old guy from Thetford who wanted a young attractive sexually submissive girl for no strings attached sex. I mean WTF?!?! I'm all for saying what you want but bloody hell I just wanted a chat, a laugh and to maybe go out for a drink. He sent me a private message detailing you know what... and that was it account deactivated. I think I'll go back to the mini eggs and waiting for Prince Charming to break down outside my house. We can always dream hey?


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