Sunday, 31 March 2013

Retro Easter Baking

I've been baking again and the results are above (I've also used Picasa for the first time which I'm quite impressed about - I'm pretty sure its not the best anyone has ever seen but I'm getting there)

The above recipe I first cooked in middle school and it is a staple that has stayed by me ever since. Mum wanted a dessert for the Sunday roast but had very little in the house so this used some tinned pineapple off the shelf and just some store cupboard essentials.


Sprinkle some dark brown muscavado sugar on some greaseproof paper and arrange the pineapple on top of this. You can substitute any fruit you wish but solid fruit such as pineapple or pear works better as it holds it shape.

Mix together 175g of caster sugar and 175g of margarine until light anf fluffy. I mixed this with a wooden spoon - not because I have anything against electric equipment, but because I've lost my electric whisk!!

Mix in 175g of Self Raising flour (you should probably sieve this but I'm too lazy!) and 3 medium eggs and stir into a thick batter. Pour batter over the pineapple and put into the oven for about 30 mins.

Once a knife comes out clean, remove from oven and leave to cool.


Mum and Dad also arranged an Easter egg hunt for the kids and even though I am technically a grown up myself they still included me in their games. It was pretty chilly running around the garden in my slippers but the joy on the little ones faces made it all worth while. As did the lovely chocolate eggs that I get to eat too, while guiltily watching Andrew Lloyd Webber: 40 Musical Years. I've never even seen a musical!!!


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