Saturday, 30 March 2013

Blogger Virgin

This all came about because another guy decided that his life was too complicated to have me in it. He literally said this, he's a pastry chef, how can your life be complicated?!? We hadn't even had a proper date and yet it hit me harder than it probably should have and upon this I have decided to do things that I have meaning to do for months and start a blog.

Maybe too drunk?
I met him clubbing on my 21st birthday a couple of weeks ago, he was cute and he bumped into my friend when we were waiting to get into a club. We started chatting, he came with us and things went from chatting to a bit more. We exchanged numbers and each of us carried on with our nights (mine ended with me fairly drunk in a taxi with some good friends, not sure about his) and we started texting. Things were going well, it was occasionally flirty and we arranged to meet up. The day before the big date and he ignores me all day, I don't worry too much, OK I'm lying I worry a lot, what if he doesn't like me? What if he stands me up? Yeah crazy I know. Maybe I would make a complicated life more complicated actually... He probably did well to escape to me. So I met up with a friend, had a chat, had wine and moved on. Possibly not that simple in reality but I'm trying my very best to be positive!

I would say that I have started writing because I love writing (which is true) or because I want to change the world (I would love to but don't know how), it's mainly because I love to talk about myself and want to impart my crazy life upon the internet stratosphere. 

I'm a big sister to five siblings, have a pet cat called Felix (stolen from an ex boyfriend - maybe a story for another time?) and at the moment live at home with my Mum and Dad. I work in a printing company in Suffolk and have worked there for two years.

Hopefully this is something I stick to and I hope that you enjoy reading this, no promises though that any of this will be a literary classic!

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