Wednesday, 10 April 2013


So I heard from Mr Complicated yesterday and for once in my life I was utterly speechless. Its been over a week since this date/no date didn't happen and I had pretty much forgotten all about him. Then out of the blue yesterday I get a text, asking how I was, apologising for the other week and hoping that we could stay friends. We weren't even friends to start off with, I had spoken to him for a few hours and then a few texts after that but that doesn't mean we are pals. 

So what do you say to that???

I don't want to be horrible, I'm not very good at being intentionally blunt (very good at being unintentionally blunt to be honest, most people will confirm that!) and he hasn't really done anything wrong. He can not like me if he wants, I can't change that. I also don't want to be too needy as if he actually upset me by not turning up. So I did what all rational people would do and completely ignored it until I could work out what I wanted to do. And that all depends on what I want! That's always the hard bit I guess, knowing what you actually want in your life.

So I text back like a day later saying that I was good and hoped he was ok and that it was no problem (I ignored the part about friends, it was weird). I'll let you know how it goes xoxo

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