Saturday, 20 July 2013

No Longer a HTML Virgin

Do you come here often? *wink*

If so then you will notice that things have been updated slightly and I did it all myself (super proud) with some help from my good friend Google.

I now have a blog button which you can pop onto your sidebar if you want, if you do let me know and we can swap! If you would like to make your own then check out these great tutorials that I used to help me (1) & (2). They were really helpful and I am a complete techno fail so really easy

I also managed to make my own links for my social media which I have been trying to do for absolutely ages. It includes my Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin' and Pinterest so if you would like to check me out then I would be really happy!! Making this was a little bit more difficult (but this tutorial really helped) and I will probably play around with the pictures a bit more!

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