Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What do you do... #2

when you actually hate your hair?

You stand in the mirror and cry while you straighten it in the morning, you don't mention it to anyone but when they mention it say that you hate it and get in a grump, try pinning it back in the hope that it will somehow affect the colour and then wash it a millon times!

Ignore the fact that I'm wearing Eeyore pyjamas and I'm 21 and ignore the stupid face I'm pulling and focus on the fact that my hair isn't red anymore!! I dyed my hair after someone lovingly sent me a Snapchat video telling me that my roots needed doing, umm thanks. So I brought some hair dye and no I never buy the same colour or brand and just buy what's on offer so I picked up Cherry Red which looked like a bright light red. Well my hair is almost black in some lights and has a very distinct purple tinge, it's not what I wanted and the dark colour doesn't suit me at all.

Also I think I've killed my hair as it's falling out at a ridiculous speed and it's really dry like straw, like horrible purple straw!!

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