Monday, 8 July 2013


When are you meant to water tomato plants? I am not green fingered at all but I really want to grow my own vegetables, I have planted them out into the soil but I am very worried that I am going to murder them. My track record isn't very good with plants to be honest, I killed both my basil, mint and parsley plants within a week of each other. I think its because I forget to water things, I need a cactus!!

When is not ok to still have feelings for your ex? We broke up 2 years ago and we have nearly been apart for as long as we were together. I'm not sure it's feelings for him as such but just feelings of loneliness and missing having a special someone in my life. Mr Nobody is a no go anymore, I just can't do it to myself and I think this is what has brought on the feelings of needed someone. I also saw my ex at the beach yesterday with his new girlfriend which will always be awkward.

When will I stop caring what other people think? Is it something that happens as you get older or is it just programmed into your personality? Either you do care or you don't and I am definitely someone that cares. It just feels so high school if you know what I mean!!

When will I get more followers? Do you guys not like me? *insert sad face here* Told you I care too much!!

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  1. i totally get you with the plant/watering/how to keep them alive thing. i mean, i can keep my 13 month old baby safe and healthy yet plants are hard (?)!

    as for the boy friend thing what you are going through is perfectly normal, and it's hard to forget things if you keep seeing them shoved in front of your face (like seeing him with his new gf). letting go is a long process, and you're right, it's probably the having a close relationship to someone that you miss rather than the ex himself. sometimes to move on you literally have to move on. connect with someone else, and the best part is that it doesn't have to be a boy friend necessarily. maybe a buddy you have something in common with? (hope this helps, even just a little).

    looking forward to reading more, new follower from the bloglovin' bloghop :)