Saturday, 13 July 2013

What Not to Wear

I am no style guru, I'm no Trinny & Susannah, I'm not Gok Wan. I love fashion and I love clothes but I am not known for wearing the most appropriate of clothing

Middle of the winter - dress, no cardigan and tights
Not the skinniest - midi skirt and crop top
Yesterday height of British Summer so far, massive Geek jumper and faux leather skater skirt. Now to some of you I bet you are thinking that sounds hideous and some of you would have looked at me yesterday and thought "Oh dear, really not my cup of tea" but it wasn't horrendous and I am young and carefree.

Now woman at the pub yesterday was definitely carefree but she was twenty years the wrong side of being young and to be honest skank came to mind. It wasn't just her outfit (dungarees with a cropped boob tube and no bra) but her vulgar comments. I am definitely not a prude but I don't think its appropriate to tell every young lad that walked past that she thought they were fit and then proceed to ask them the length of their *ahem* (you know what I mean, I am not saying it) She asked if people were shaven, when was the last time they had sex and she just came across as desperate and cheap.

I just don't understand some people!!

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