Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Happy Birthday Little Sister

So here I am looking super cute at the age of 16 months wondering what is this thing that has come into my life and it turns out it was my best friend and my baby sister. So now you aren't so little, taller than me in fact (although that's not difficult) I just want to wish you a happy birthday!

You were obviously super boring as I couldn't even stay awake but that makes up for all the times that we giggled all through the night when we shared a room or the times you woke me up from sleep talking (or sleep shouting!!) The time you broke your thumb doing a gymnastic move, the time we painted our dolls head's with nail polish, the time we cycled so fast away from the devil goat, all make up for you being so dull as a baby

Look at your stupidly blue eyes and look at how much I love you. Look at how cool we are in our matching outfits, you still must love my fashion sense because some of my clothes have turned into permanent residents in your wardrobe although I did inherit a large proportion of clothes from your reject pile! You are more and more beautiful every day and it hurts me when you cannot see it in yourself. You make me laugh more than I ever thought possible and I would do anything to make you smile. So I just want to say...


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