Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Who thinks its appropriate to wear a faux leather skirt to work in an office? Me, that's who! And why the heck not? Who needs classy when you are twenty one and I'm of the frame of mind that until my boss tells me to stop it then I'm carrying on. However that would be one awkward conversation as I am awful at taking criticism

Who wants to be my boyfriend? I have definitely had enough of this being single crap so yeah I NEED someone to go on a date with me. All I need is someone who is nice and won't murder me, actually scrap the nice bit just don't murder me.

Who has time to do their hair into anything good in the morning? I am not a morning person so it is not the time for me to be in charge of really hot object near my face. It is also not the time to be doing any elaborate pinning or folding or twisting or whatever. Day one - Wash hair, brush hair, dry the front of my hair, put it up, sleep in said hairstyle. Day two - Take hair down, put some sea salt spray in it, scrunch, pretend I now haven't not brushed my hair (double negative, I am so confused!!)

Who is actually reading this thing? If you are one of them then you might like my questions of "Why?" and "When?" I'm an inquisitive little bugger

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