Saturday, 27 July 2013

World's Worst Dieter

Day One of the diet

From the pictures you can probably tell that day one wasn't that much of a skinny day but it's nearly my sister's birthday and she wanted to go out for lunch. I ate a delicious sandwich called the "Double Pig" and yes I did really feel like a pig once I ate it! It had pulled pork and bacon and BBQ sauce and homemade coleslaw, what more could you want in life?!? Oh I can tell you, a massive slice of carrot cake

So I thought I would tell you the 5 reasons I am an awful dieter...

1) I actually love food
Who cannot love food? I mean look at the pictures above, who could turn their nose up at the crazy amount of carbs on offer?

2) I used to think I was fat when I wasn't
I have pictures of myself from when I was younger when I thought I was enormous that I look back at now and realise I was never fat. Yeah I was bigger than my friends but everyone has different body shapes, you just don't realise that when you are 15. So when I put on weight I thought it didn't matter because I was already fat, what was a few more pounds? And now I look back and think I would give my left leg to weigh that much again (and I probably would have to!!)

3) I need pudding
If I go out for a meal, I need pudding!! I went out last night for dinner and even though I was super full from the Cajun chicken burger with mint & cucumber and chips, we ordered lemon posset and pear tart to share and it was great.

4) I lose weight, convince myself that I am happy, that I don't care and then put it back on
I am my own worst enemy, I lose weight and then put it back on once I have convinced myself that I am happy with my body. But I'm not happy and I have that self bravado and a lot of laughs at my own expense to convince myself and every one around me that I am happy

5) I am a lazy bum
I much rather sit here and read your blogs about food and makeup and your fantastic lives than get up off my massive arse and do some exercise! See I knew I could blame someone else.

But hopefully this time I will stick to this!!

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  1. Haha, you remind me of me. I'm like this! I'm starting to get used to it now though, it does make you feel good when you know you're being healthier - you don't have to join a gym either, I recommend walking for half an hour every day, or riding a bike, its easier and effective! Good luck x