Sunday, 6 April 2014

Beauty Review - Rimmel Lasting Finish Fancy a Dip?

I have never been a nail person and you'll be lucky if you can see my nails go past the end of my fingers. I also spend three hours a week with my hands in hot soapy water so don't think I am going to called up to be a hand model!! Recently though I am really into nail polishes, especially pastel shades (mainly brought on by jealousy of a girl at work - she has lemon yellow nails and a lemon yellow satchel - I could not be this co-ordinated with a month of planning).

I picked up this beautiful shade from Tesco for a bargain of £2.99 and decided after work today to paint my nails. I am really pleased with the the colour, it reminds me of cornflowers and Spring and actually makes my skin look relatively tanned. However I really didn't like the application - some nails seemed to paint really well and cover in a couple of coats, whereas others have gone a bit blotchy and I have had to take off and start again on one nail in particular. Like I said I am no expert but haven't had any other problems with other times. However so in love with the colour I'm going to persevere. 

I would also like to say a massive congratulations to my best friend on completing the Lincoln 10k today in just over an hour for such an excellent cause. You go girl!! You can still donate here

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