Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y is for Yes

I must apologise for yesterday's crap post. The trouble with posting every day is thinking up new content and I really didn't want to post about my diet yet but I felt pushed into it by myself - stupid I know! But hey lets not dwell on it - today is a new day and all that jazz.

Yes is such a powerful word. I wanted to say that cliche that I either say yes too much or don't say yes enough but then I really thought about it and to be honest I don't really say either yes or no that much and I thought I liked that even less! It makes me worry that I'm just existing - that I'm not even trying to challenge myself at the moment so have nothing to say yes or no to - but I think at the moment I am just getting on with things. I have already made the decision to get a degree - I'm now just working on it. I already have a job I enjoy and my job isn't exactly project based so I can't say yes or no to that kind of thing.

The thing is opportunities rarely present themselves to you to just say yes or no to, you have to go out there and make your own opportunities. If you just sit there waiting for someone to ask you the question it's not going to happen so put yourself out there!! 

On another note bring me sunshine!! I feel like I could easily be a vampire with all this cloudy weather. I went for a brisk walk down on the sea front this afternoon after work and I just want it to be summer right now!!

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