Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N is for Names

Can't believe we are over half way through this month and half way through this challenge and even more unbelievable is that I haven't missed a post!! 

I have probably spoken about this before on here but if you are new around here then here it is again, my name is Toyota. Yes as in the car Toyota (which has kind of become my catchphrase)

As a child it meant nothing to me. My friend who moved here from Scotland went home and asked her mum if she could be called Zebra. A supply teacher of mine and my siblings once wrote into a newspaper saying that they thought it was cruel to name children unusual names and went on to name us. You know what is cruel, telling a nine year old that their name is weird when you are a fully grown adult. As you can imagine my mother was livid.

The older I have got the greater number of people I have met that seem to have a need to comment on my name. It's not children that can't accept difference it's adults. I have had people on the phone at work tell me to stop lying about my name, I have heard every remark about cars that exists and you know what, it's not really that funny or witty.


  1. Grats on making it to the halfway point! Your name is certainly noteworthy. Who would forget meeting Toyota? =)

  2. It certainly is an unusual name for a person, but I've heard other unusual names. Do you know why your mom/dad picked that name? Really these days there are so many unusual names plus unusual spellings of names; like Megan can be Meagan, Meghan, Meaghen, etc.