Friday, 11 April 2014

J is for Juggling

I'm not very good at juggling... physically and metaphorically.

That's why I am typing this post half asleep late while half watching CSI and reading my emails. Sometimes I wish I could give something my whole attention rather than a bit of it, maybe it would mean that I would get more out of what I do. I worry that I am doing too much at a mediocre level.

I want to have a good career so working hard and doing that bit extra sometimes is what I expect of myself but I also want to have a social life. I want to lead full, fulfilling and busy days but I also want to sleep. I want to be seen as a nice person but I don't want to be walked all over. I want to eat lots of nice food but I don't want to be the size of a house. I want to be skinny but I don't want to obsessed with food or spend hours in the gym.

Maybe I'd be better at juggling if I didn't want so much but you only have one life so you might as well strive for the best, hey?

At least it's Friday and this seal is very very cute!!


  1. I am totally awful at the literal juggling. On the time thing, I do pretty well.

    Over here from the A to Z.

  2. That seal is cute. I can juggle pretty well; I tend to call it multi tasking, but it seems like I'm always doing two or three things at a time and my mind is racing.


  3. Stopping by on the 12th day of the #atozchallenge. Having a good time today blog hopping, saying hi and moving on. If you have time or interest, I am writing about gardening and related topics this month. Come and visit.