Monday, 21 April 2014

R is for Real Women

You know that well known quote - "Real women have curves"

I hate this quote. It makes me so angry. Real women are whatever the hell they want to be. Why is it that "real women" have to be classified by their image whereas the campaign about being a "real man" are about them standing up against domestic violence? Real women should be loving, caring, confident; not weigh a certain amount or wear a certain size. Real women should be against the oppression of women.

I recently saw an image on the internet of Gemma someone or rather from TOWIE (no disrespect to her - I just don't watch it) brandishing a sign that basically said "If you are skinny you can't come in". Yeah she's a bigger girl in case you can't tell by the above statement. I'm a bigger girl but I don't feel the need to have a go at people who are smaller then me. What is it with this most recent craze of "skinny bashing"? Larger women have until recently been shunned by the media and fashion but why does this mean we have to go the other way? As long as a woman is healthy then their size should be of no importance to anyone else. Why is it that some women have to try and make others feel worse to make themselves feel better? 

Why is it that women in the media who are big have to be so brash and aggressive about it? They wear tiny teeny bikinis running on the beach declaring that they don't care what anyone else thinks, they tell every magazine that listens that they eat really healthy and go the gym, they are loud and proud and so they should be. However that all crumples when they sell their diet story, make an exercise DVD and cry on daytime TV about how sad it made them. 

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  1. Love your argument against the phrase "real women have curves"! I completely agree that women should be healthy and confident in their own bodies. Luckily, we see companies like Dove working to change perceptions. I especially loved this: