Friday, 25 April 2014

V is Viserys Targaryen

I have 50 minutes to write this post as I have been getting my Game of Thrones on. I am so far behind everyone else (now finished Season One Episode 8 - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!) but I absolutely love it. I don't get a lot of time to watch it as I don't have a working DVD player and it's not really appropriate to watch in front of the children. I wanted to stay up all night and watch episode after episode but my days of all nighters without the help of shots are pretty much over and I would really regret it in the morning. I love discussing it with my work colleagues but they are way ahead of me and they have been sworn to secrecy!!

I really want to read the books but I need to watch the series first. I am the worst when it comes to watching something I have read - you won't want to watch Harry Potter with me because I spend the whole movie telling you how the book was better.

Haha look at his resting bitch face - he reminds me a little of a really blond male version of me in this respect. This is meant to be a gif but I have no idea how to insert one. Everything I read tells me I need Photobucket, Photobucket doesn't like me and my internet is being poop so I give up!! I need sleep as I'm getting angsty

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  1. Ooh, it gets better. I'm not up to date with it, but I'm just reaching the end of season 3. So good, I haven't read the books yet and don't think I will unless and until the series finishes.