Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A is for Amy

Amy - my beautiful nanny who unfortunately was taken from us thirteen years ago this month. For anyone to be taken is too soon but she was young and so were we.

To her loving grandchildren she was known as Nanny Spoil Me. 

She was always the lady in red to me, always immaculate. She had a strawberry mark on her leg that you could always faintly see under her nude tights. Nude tights will always remind me of her. As will drawing dogs using your thumb (you bend your thumb, drawn around it and the knuckle becomes the ear) - this is literally the only thing she could draw. Her stick people were always wonky and every animal looked the same whether it was a cow, pig or cat. There is so much more I wish I could remember. I hate how memories fade. 

Pear drops make me think of her. I can't smell one without a bitter sweet smile.

I have one of her hats on top of my wardrobe. I sometimes put it on and laugh - I am not a hat person.

I'm not really sure what I believe in but because of her I hope that she has the ability to look down on all that has passed without her and be proud of what has been achieved.


  1. Beautiful woman your nanny was! What a wonderful tribute to her to start the A/Z challenge!


  2. So sorry for your loss- love the red dress!