Monday, 14 April 2014

L is for Liar, Liar

Let me set the scene. It's circa 2007 and I'm in high school. I think I am incredibly fat although I would cut off my right leg to me that skinny right now (and I'd still probably weigh more). I used to think I was quiet and shy but thinking back I was definitely not, I was gobby, loud and more than a little attention seeking. Basically I was a teenage girl.

Parents do not read this ... well if you are a parent you can read it but my parents definitely stay away. My dad won't be reading this and my mum will pretend she hasn't but she will. Hey mum.

I had a bit of a reputation which if I'm honest was mostly unearned and was more from the escalation of half truths and stories but yeah that reputation still existed. I had very few boyfriends at high school yet I was still known as a slut. To start with I protested and stomped my little feet but in high school stories are much better than the truth so I started my own story.

One break time someone plucked up the courage - OK it wasn't courage it was the fact that they were a cocky teenage boy - to ask me how many people I had slept with so I thought of the biggest number possible and sarcastically stated "11". Either my sarcasm really needed to be worked on or people will believe anything but that was the new story. They just nodded and reacted as if this the most normal thing they could have expected. Everyone believed it, even my good friends didn't really question it and it became one of those facts about me. You know like in Mean Girls - it was a "she made out with a hot dog moment" Considering I was fourteen maybe, 11 is the most ridiculous number ever. Where would I have met these people? I mean 11, I still haven't slept with 11 people and I'm 22. I may never sleep with 11 different people in my whole life, I know that many people will not. But this is still one of the "facts" that people will probably remember me for from high school.

I finally told one of my best friends the truth last year and we laughed a lot. Of course it was ridiculous but high school was ridiculous. 

My name is Toyota and I hadn't slept with 11 people by the age of fourteen

Sorry for lying high school buddies - but hey you believed me!!

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  1. High school is such a cruel time; I don't know why people don't get along better but it seems to be such a trend for rumors or things like this spread and names given that don't fit the person. I think it was neat that you gave them something to talk about that wasn't even the truth.