Saturday, 5 April 2014

E is for Eccentricities

Eccentricities! One of my favourite words that I don't think is used enough and to be honest one of my favorite things to discuss. Eccentricities used to be the choice of rich Victorians, like "Don't mind Uncle Tom, he's a bit eccentric, he just likes to eat children." But now I personally associate the word with the little quirks and traits that make you who you are. I like to let the crazy out but defining it as crazy.... well it makes you sound a little crazy. I was speaking to a girl on Twitter who said she was scared to post personal things on her blog because people she knows read her blog but seriously what is a blog if not personal?!?

I'm going to let you into some of my eccentricities (not all of them obviously, we would be here for like 4 months and well I might get admitted to a psychiatric hospital) in a hope that you too might feel a bit more comfortable letting the crazy out.

- I have to eat a sandwich in a certain way and seeing someone else eating a sandwich the wrong way makes me very angsty. If someone makes me a sandwich incorrectly I find it very difficult to eat

- I do not like to drink the bottom of a drink - yes it is all exactly the same but in my head it is not!

- I often have feelings of impending doom, especially just before I am trying to sleep. I then can spend hours rehashing every mistake I have made in my life. To stop this I have to pretend I am someone else.

- I am scared of a lot of things - blueberries, earthworms, horses, zombie apocalypses

- I take stupid pictures of myself and post them on the internet

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  1. Too cute that you post pictures of yourself on the Internet; I often avoid the camera. I think we all have eccentricities. I know one of mine is when I go to the store and have my dog with me (leaving him in the van, but never on a hot day and always with the windows cracked), I'm terrified to look into the van when I come back because I'm afraid he got kidnapped so I open the driver's door and climb in and then look over to see if he is still there (always there). I try to make myself look in the van before I open the door, but for some reason I can't.