Thursday, 1 May 2014

A to Z Challenge

The A to Z challenge is over and I am feeling a mixture of relief and sadness at the prospect. When I started the challenge at the beginning of the month I had just come back from a blogging hiatus and this would either be the thing that killed my love of blogging or made it flourish.

Luckily it has been the latter. I have blog posts planned for this month and have ideas for future posts throughout the year. This never happens. I am not a planner but planning for this just feels right (and all you other bloggers keep telling me I need to plan to blog more efficiently) I can see myself doing this all the time again and I have had positive feedback from friends and from you guys which makes me sitting at my desk at all times of the night all seem worth it. I have had more comments this month than in all my time blogging and I now need to make sure I am doing the right thing with them (make sure I can reply to you and you aren't a no-reply blogger because I want to chat with you!!) Honestly comments make me smile - thanks people.

Blogging every day has had its challenges. Yeah some of my blog posts throughout April have been crap, some of them have been really short and some of them have been the most boring thing that I can imagine but I'm not sorry for putting them out there. If I'm honest (which by know by now seems to be one of my more annoying catchphrases - sorry) life sometimes is boring so why should every blog post be me raving about how exciting my life is? It really isn't - its just my life. Writing about lots of different topics tells me what type of posts are most popular and also what I enjoy writing about the most. 

Thinking of content is also a struggle sometimes and sometimes you just don't want to write but I am definitely looking to blog a minimum of three times a week and hopefully more. Staring at a computer screen all day does not exactly spread joy at the thought of doing more staring!

Thank you if you have stopped by from the A to Z challenge and I hope you stick around for more fun and games.

P.S I am also now on the sidebar of Two Thirds Hazel - go check out her pretty blog

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