Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Internet Things

This video from Lily @ Lily Pebbles about her Milan outfits - how she is this put together I have no idea but I love her outfits and love her editing. Ideas noted for future vlog maybe?!?

These words - I'm not ready to be a mum but when I am I hope I have as much lovely things to say as this blog

So glad my parents aren't this inept at texting but give them a computer and that's a whole different ball game. Watching my mum on my iPad is almost painful - sorry Mum!

This map states that I am "inbred" and "too find of tractors" - well cheers Buzzfeed - what's your home town's stereotype?

This woman getting her groove on - this makes me laugh - thanks to my so called best friend for saying that this is me in a few years time and thanks for calling me esoteric - look it up - he's not being nice.

This workout - I only managed four repetitions the first time and spent most of my time pacing trying not to vomit but pacing still burns calories right? And yes I have noticed her boobs are really out!

This post is beyond cute - and I'm a little jealous - love me someone please?

If I get to be this creative when I am a parent sign me up.

OK so I was googling my own blog posts because yeah I am a loser and I came across this really interesting post. I always used to think people were judging me at the gym but I think you really just get on with it!

Brits did you know this was thing? I don't believe it

And finally, this!

What are you loving on your little corner of the internet?

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