Friday, 2 May 2014

Hot/ Crazy Scale

If you are guy, just go nod along in the corner and if you are a girl go ask your guy friends about this and you will get a knowing smile because apparently it's a thing.

I was in the pub the over day - where all good conversations occur - and we were discussing past girlfriends' crazy antics (I do not have a past girlfriend - just to clarify). These guys had put up with some crazy shit and my only question was - Why?!?! Why put up with it all? The answer was the Hot/Crazy scale (and probably sex but I am not willing to discuss that!)

I originally assumed that they meant the hotter a girl was, the crazier they were. But the direct correlation here is if a girl is more attractive you are willing to put up with more craziness. 

Lets take an example -

You are a guy, you are in a club and there is a semi attractive girl who obviously finds you attractive who seems relatively normal. Lets call her Girl A. Now lets take Girl B - she's drop dead gorgeous, the girl of your dreams -  but she has a pair of cat ears on, keeps purring and insists you pat her on the head. Who do you pick? 

Logically you pick Girl A for a relationship because who could put up with that amount of crazy? Girl B needs to be sectioned! 

But Beyonce gets it right when she sings about being "Crazy In Love" because while the right relationship can bring about your better side some relationships can bring out your worst. One of my worst habits in a previous relationship was that I loved to pick a fight, if I was bored or tired or annoyed I would pick and pick and pick until... BOOM argument!

Obviously I was not hot enough for him to put up with that amount of crazy!!

Hot/crazy scale - what do you think? What's the craziest thing your guy friends have put up with? Ask them and when they tell you - laugh - because that's what I did.

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