Thursday, 8 May 2014

Car Hate

When life gives you lemons shove a Nutella sandwich in your face.

This wasn't the post I had planned today, I planned to be so relaxed after my first yoga class but my car hates me and yeah I hate it too.

On the way to the gym this afternoon my windscreen wipers broke and it is absolutely chucking it down. The arm has just randomly snapped - what perfect timing!!

So here is an ode to my car ... an ode of hatred

Your windscreen wipers break at the most inappropriate times. Driving with my head out of the window trying to find a place to pull over is not safe or fun!

Your fan doesn't work so when stopped with my hazards on the temperature starts to go into the critical stage and you start flashing telling me to STOP. I am stopped that's the bloody problem because apparently you can only cool if I'm moving forward.

Your exhaust decides to throw itself at the floor whenever you want so I sound like a boy racer while driving through the city. Old people were gawking at me ... thanks car!!

You are so loud but your indicators don't make any noise at all which you know isn't annoying at all.

You consume fuel as if its going out of fashion - it is not and is bloody expensive and talking about expensive you are a crap car and you cost too much money!!

Thanks to my dad for coming to save me and thanks to Nutella for saving my sanity!

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