Sunday, 25 May 2014

Life Lately... - May


Reading - Nothing! I currently have three books on the go but I can't get into any of them. I need suggestions people!

Watching - I am trying to get into Homeland which I have had recorded on my Sky box for absolutely ages and I was struggling a bit. It's one of those ones where you don't know who the good guy is and I don't really know how I feel about some of the characters. I really want to like it especially as I have heard such good things so I'm persevering (and watching it now!) I really like Carrie but I just can't get on with Jessica. And to be honest I am getting into it more.

Listening to - I heard this Jason Derulo song for the first time on the way to Giraffes on Thursday night and I couldn't really believe what I was hearing. It's one of those so crap it's good songs, I think? Maybe it's just crap! I'm really into listening to songs from my emo youth at the moment. They really destress me after a long day at work. Panic! at the Disco to me is like jazz for a normal person. A song that always get me through my more emotional stages is The Verve - Love is Noise. I did something I really regretted once and I listened to this song on repeat while I walked crying through the rain.

Loving - My new ability to cope with pressure. Pressure is something I struggle with dealing with sometimes. I have crazy expectations of myself sometimes but this past couple of weeks while looking after a colleague's work I haven't lost it at all.

Loathing - How tired I am. While I haven't lost it I have been working 11 hour days and I'm really glad its over.

Weight Loss - Since last month (the day I wrote my last Life Lately was the say before I started my new diet) I have last 5 and a half pounds. I'm still fat and I've had good and bad weeks. While I haven't lost it with the pressure I have shoved more than my fair amount of Nutella in my mouth.

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