Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Things That Annoy Me on Facebook

People that cannot spell definitely - yes you have just typed "defiantly" - read it - it sounds exactly as you have typed it. "Defiantly up for the zoo..." What are you defiant about? Does someone not want you to go to the zoo? If so you go girl, if not type the right bloody word!

People that change their pictures to ridiculously old pictures of themselves from like six years ago. They have probably dyed their hair four different colours since then and put on about twenty pounds and then when people comment saying that they look really nice who obviously don't see them that often they are just like "oh this is really old" as if it is some kind of trap

And people that change their profile picture or cover picture every twenty minutes - not necessary!

People who have opinions that make me want to smack them upside the head ... or comment telling them they are a moron - they try my self control and self control isn't exactly my thing. Also opinions about things that people have no idea about - if you aren't informed shut up!

Also people airing their dirty laundry on my News Feed - it makes me uncomfortable and makes you look silly.

The "if you like this we will send a unicorn to a child in Africa and if you don't then you basically just stomped on a fluffy bunny - BUNNY KILLER!!" type posts - oh my god - shut up already! Unless you are thirteen or have four brain cells you must know this isn't real - seriously you must - please tell me you do!

What are the things you find most annoying about Facebook?

Much Love 


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