Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekly Wishes #4


1. Enjoy my Saturday - What could be more enjoyable than stuffing my face with cake will having a gossip with one of my besties and exchanging smiles with her little boy? The weather was rather changeable on Saturday so no walks for me but there is always today! Although massive heavy DIY is happening at mine at the moment so I am on cooking duty.

2. Update my Blog Love - Instead of having list of blogs I love which I don't think would be very interesting I decided to catalogue together all my posts about blogs/blog posts I really enjoy reading. Currently it's still a bit empty but I have some posts planned so if you are looking for new things to read definitely check out here

P.S I used this really great tutorial on how to do this but if you need any help at all then please ask! I also managed to get the whole gif thing working which explains this post.

3. Clean my car - Another big check on this one. I found a ridiculous amount of glitter and my own hair in my boot, maybe I was kidnapped by Kesha?


1. Go to the gym three times - My good friend gym got put to one side this week. Working 11 hour days is not conducive to wanting to work out but shoving my face with flapjacks and Chinese is! I still managed to lose weight this week but it was a miracle and to be honest I have missed it. Who am I?!?

2. Get back on track with my Open University course - Yeah I am blaming work again but I am maybe a couple of days behind where I should be on this. I have a tutorial on Wednesday so I need to have made a bit more of an effort.

3. Pick a book and stick with it - Started my fourth book yesterday and yeah that's pretty much a no go too. I started it a year or so ago and got a good half way through and gave up so yeah probably a book I am never destined to finish. Where are all the good books?!?!?


  1. I def need to add cleaning out my car to my list..i cant remember the last time its been done lol good luck on your goals this week!

  2. Haha I had the hardest time picking a good book also, so I decided to read Hunger Games because I am apparently the only person on the planet who had never read it. And it was JUST what the doctor ordered. I needed this! It has gotten me back on the reading train :) And good luck with the gym, I'm right there with you ;) Glad to have been your neighbor at WW! ~Jenna // A Mama Collective