Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekly Wishes #2

I really enjoyed Weekly Wishes last week - thanks for all your lovely comments. It was nice to have some direction in my goals this week rather than just meandering along hoping to get stuff done! Hope you had a good week.


1. Clean my room - it may have taken me a whole week to actually get this completed and may have had me pulling a half eaten rabbit from under my bed (thanks Felix!) but my bedroom is pretty much spotless. Ok so my desk is still a bit of a mess but its relatively organised for me.

2. Buy one piece of grown up makeup - I actually decided against this one. Looking at what is available on the market and how much it costs and how much I actually care about makeup I decided it ultimately wasn't worth it. I need to pay my Dad back for my car and need to start saving for a house not spending £30 on a foundation.

3. Enjoy my first yoga class - I enjoyed the first class, it was the stressful journey home that I didn't enjoy (see this post). I may have laughed every time there was a group exhale for the first twenty minutes (these people can breathe like dragons, they have massive lungs!) but I actually found it good fun. The class already looks to be fully booked for next week - teaches me to be slow to book - but will definitely go again.


1. Clean my car - I have started my cleaning binge and hope to continue you it this week by cleaning all the crap I have accumulated out of my car. Maybe it will hate me less!

2. Update my Blog Love page - This was meant to be all about the blogs I love and like all good intentions I just really didn't know where to start so it sits there empty and people must think that I don't love any blogs but seriously I do!

3. Don't cry at work - I'm not planning on it but next week I am looking after a colleague's work while he is on holiday which ultimately is increased pressure (mainly from myself) so basically this wish is just to try not to stress myself out and just keep doing what I know I can do.

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  1. Updating my blog is on my list this week too! The pages you don't look at every day can really get away from you!