Saturday, 10 May 2014

Diet Derailers

I am currently on another one of my diet phases. Its my new obsession, I can't think of anything else and I know it's an unhealthy but healthy obsession. There have been tears after I broke my healthy habit and shoved a Magnum in my face that tasted like crap anyway. Even though healthy eating and exercise is all I can think about I'm finding it much harder to put into practice. Here are a few of my diet derailers:

"I want" - If I want then I'm generally going to get. If I fancy something then that is all I can think about and I am more than likely to put it into my shopping basket and ultimately shove it in my face!

"They have" - If someone is eating something, even if its not an "I want" derailer it will quickly become one. Some is eating McDonalds - I get genuinely annoyed that I am not. I have a serious case of food envy.

Costa Coffee - Two people from work had Costa last week on consecutive days and I turned it down twice!! Piri-piri chicken panini, chocolate brownie and a hot chocolate - get in my face!! (Yes all in one sitting - don't judge me)

Carbs - A meal is not a meal without a minimum of one carbohydrate and can be made better by adding additional carbs. I am a carb junkie!

Gym Hunger - Exercise makes me really hungry i.e. if someone handed me a burger after half an hour on the treadmill, I would probably bite their hand off.

But the weight is steadily coming off and I'm still excited and motivated. Sometimes I cheat but then that's life

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